The fictitious diary of B. and K. - Episode 3: Real Phantasies I

He was stunned. Her words came out like the fire of a machine gun, this was something she had to bear all this time since their meeting. She had punished herself for this all these days, probably not knowing how to explain it to him. Now she was completely lost, he could see it clearly. Slowly he rose from his chair, going around the desk.
?Over? Oh my dear, why do you think it is over? I am nearly satisfied, because I see you did punish yourself for it the whole time. I understand you, but will not forgive you now. Don?t be afraid, I don?t want it to be over. This was the greatest time I ever had and I?m sure you think the same. Come on, dry your tears, then let me hold you!? He took one of the patients cleanex and dried her tears gently. They embraced each other for a long time, knowing, that they had found their corresponding soulmate.
?And now, let us finish this bit of work and then we have a lot of things to discuss!? She nodded silently and did not dare to look into his eyes for a while. She worked through these boring papers he had brought, but was simply too confused to understand anything.
?Oh, I am not able to work now! Can we leave? We just have to go upstairs?? She looked up, waiting for his response. To her surprise he was already waiting at the door.
He took her by her hand and she led him upstairs to her large apartment. They awkwardly placed themselves onto the comfortable sofa, not knowing, what to say or what to do.
?See, I don?t want to blame you and I don?t want you to feel guilty about this incident. In the meantime I had some time to think about it and I can understand. Above all considering all these events and this special night we had, I think, it just turned to something good!? He smiled while speaking these words. ?What do you think??
It was a load off her mind. The warmth of relief flooded her body. She was just able to nod.
?What say you? Do you think there is a chance we could be happy together? I mean, beyond the play?? Again she nodded, just like in a dream. But the word ?together? brought her back to reality.
?Be happy together! Oh, this is like a dream, you know? I never thought I would find somebody like you, sharing my wildest fantasies and being at the same time someone I could really learn to like in a normal way. You know, how I mean this! And, I would really like to try!? Now it was his turn to nod. And he smiled happily while thinking about all the possibilities that now laid open before him, before them. He rose from the sofa and looked around.
?What are you doing? Did I say something wrong?? She looked at him.
?No, everything is fine, more then fine, I?m not able to express my joy at the moment. So perhaps this is some kind of displacement activity, as you would call it. I want to find us some whine in this apartment and candles and all this romantic stuff, you know?? She laughed and directed him to the whine rack in the kitchen. He found everything he needed. Soon they both had their glasses in their hands, sipping thoughtfully. But every now and again they smiled at each other. She was the first who began to speak again.
?Tell me, how did you come to all this fetish and latex theme? I?m really curious, because you always insisted to tell me when we meet in person. Did you have some sort of a key experience, something, that pushed you or did it develop slowly?? He chuckled, grinning broadly.
?Curious, eh? You sound like a psychiatrist - ah, I forgot, you are one! Don?t worry, I don?t mind!? He stopped her excuse before she was able to articulate it. ?Yes, there was a key experience and it really pushed me forward. Unlike you I was not aware of my likes relating my sexuality for a long time. It is only a few years ago, when my previous girlfriend introduced me to this world. It was really weird for me and I wasn?t sure if I would like it.?
?What did she do??
?Oh, she simply asked, if I would like to try rubber, bondage and all the rest with her. This question was so ridiculous. I never heard of these things before or even ignored them. She perceived my uncertainness and, lucky me, slowed down. If she would have forced it I would have rejected. But some days later she showed me one picture.?
?This picture seemed to have had an impact on you? I can see it, the expression of your face, it must have been an incredible first experience!?
?How do you know? This is awesome! And yes, I was thinking many times about this event. Ok, the picture. It was an A4-print of a guy being enclosed by some sort of a black mass. It was like a sculpture, all black, extremely shiny. I learned that this was a vacuum bed, two sheets of latex, all air sucked out, in a simplified way, of course. I didn?t know what to say, but I was clearly fascinated. My girlfriend saw my fascination, but gave me enough time. Time, I could fantasise about being in there, being immobile, a living sculpture. It aroused me! So, one afternoon, when I came home from work, I saw it in the living room. There it was on the floor, a frame enclosed by a black, gleaming latex hull. My girlfriend was sitting in the arm chair, smiling. She said nothing, there was no need in saying anything. I slowly stripped before her and she was more than delighted, that I was clearly aroused, I wasn?t able to do anything against it.?
?This sounds really beautiful and I can only imagine your feelings.?
?Yes, in my mind I saw this picture again and knew I had to feel similar, look similar. My girlfriend opened the hull, there was a zipper, that wasn?t very easy to open and to close. She told me later that this zipper prevents air leakage, resulting in holding the vacuum much longer. I slowly crawled into it, at first it was cold, but became warm very quickly. It was smooth to my skin, the smell strange, but somehow pleasing. I positioned my nose in the hole and heard the closing of the zipper. I could feel my girlfriend as she began to caress my body all over. Again, this feeling was really weird, warm and cold, the touch seemed to be intensified. Suddenly she turned on some kind of a machine, that obviously sucked the air out of the bed. For some time nothing seemed to happen, but with instant might the whole latex hull wrapped itself around my body. From one moment to another I wasn?t able to move. Only the latex itself gave in a bit, but it was just slightly stretching. I was captured by my own will. Again she began to caress me, but this time the sensations were much more intensified than before. I nearly came just because of the summation of all these sensations. All I could do was just feel. And my girlfriend made me feel! At this day she gave me the best orgasms of my life I had till this day. She held me there for some hours, gave me all these pleasures and herself, too, and made photographs of it, so that I was able to see myself afterwards. I sometimes remember that day, looking at these images, it was a great experience. My first experience?? His voice trailed off.
?Wow, this is stunning. I never tried such a bed, but read many stories about it and saw some pictures, too. Thank you for sharing this with me, this means very much to me!?

Will be continued in ?Real phantasies II?

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» bobmer wrote on August, 03th 2009 | 11:20
Very nice, a good story...... :-)
Pretty cool
» slinkyone wrote on May, 06th 2009 | 17:52
well put... I nevercan get enough of this feeling . Thanks for the moment. slinkyone
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