The introduction of Clarissa

As it seems, the phenomenon of the so-called female rubber dolls is spreading in the last years, thanks to the ever growing selection of gorgeous female rubber clothing, manufacturing service providers creating nearly everything a human mind can imagine and, most important, the people, who - first - love the look and - second - are craving for ?hiding? inside these artificial hulls, changing their Identities, not being able to recognise themselves in a mirror after the transformation.
Even if some of you don?t like the thought or the look of such a doll, as a rubberist most of you understand the mental difference when it comes to masking and transforming into something that isn?t anymore the human you have seen and known before that transformation. Perhaps not every time, when one is pulling a mask over the head, such a dehumanisation and ?shifting? of personality will occur. But when the transformation is sufficient, the change in appearance really significant and the look into the mirror shows an unknown individual, then something is different.
So something different happened some days ago. After a bit of experimentation a new character was ?born?. Perhaps this word is filled with pathos, but it describes it pretty good. So this is the place where we want to introduce her, a rubber doll, as you might have guessed already. It is a bit awkward to write about her, because she is still really innocent, a dark horse, so to say. Only her mind is filled with so many fantasies and ideas.
We call her ?Clarissa?, that means something like ?the lucid? and ?the famous?. So we think it is a proper name! :-)
She isn?t sure about several things so far, for example about dominance and submission. We think, time will tell, if she is one and/or another. What she knows, is, that she doesn?t mind to play with other dolls. They have to be well rounded, of gorgeous appearance and really kinky in mind. Clarissa knows that she is a camera bitch. She loves to pose in front of a lens and could be willing to do many things, then. But time will tell that, too!
For today, this is her introduction here at our Diaries. Look at her pictures and if you have any comments, critiques or something else, don?t hesitate to get in touch with us!

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» Shin2k10 wrote on May, 21th 2011 | 11:46
@kereberos: hmm. from your answer, I would say that it's you behind the mask and costume. Fine by me, so long as you show me your real face. ^^
» Shin2k10 wrote on May, 17th 2011 | 14:10
@kereberos: Ok, but you don't have to be so man 'bout it. I just want to know if she really is a girl or not.
» Shin2k10 wrote on May, 17th 2011 | 14:10
By the way, the pictures look cool, and the one waring the rubberdoll suit sure loves self denial of air.
» Shin2k10 wrote on May, 17th 2011 | 13:52
By the way, the pictures look cool, and the one waring the rubberdoll suit sure loves self denial of air.
» Shin2k10 wrote on May, 17th 2011 | 13:50
@kereberos: Ok, but you don't have to be so man 'bout it. I just want to know if she really is a girl or not.
» Kerberos wrote on October, 13th 2010 | 17:32
It's not about pictures or knowing who's behind that mask. Request denied! :-)
Worth watching
» Shin2k10 wrote on October, 13th 2010 | 17:01
Can I know who's behind that mask? can you give me pictures of her? thanks
» MorticiaLatex wrote on November, 29th 2009 | 00:01
Clarissa is gorgeous, this entire outfit is gorgeous (and well-photographed, shiny black latex is a b__ch to shoot).

From one rubberdoll to another: I wish I could look this hot!
» venom wrote on September, 13th 2009 | 16:47
great! 5*

shapes of a female face through black latex ..
shiny -- breathless -- wonderful !! :)
» herkloma wrote on September, 01th 2009 | 19:17
Perfekt! Awesome! Great!
» kingzot wrote on August, 31th 2009 | 21:28
Awesome! Just the perfect rubberdoll!
» Chrissiebee wrote on August, 21th 2009 | 19:31
She looks a delightful plaything and the outfits is gorgeous. I have fantasised many times about being turned into a rubberdoll for someone's pleasure, as you say it gives you all the excuses to do those thinsg that a "good girl" would never contemplare!
» gumminut wrote on August, 15th 2009 | 15:02
she is fantastic ... a rubberdoll icon is born!
» shinydelight wrote on August, 14th 2009 | 18:20
I do not like the female mask either, the outfit and photography however are fantastic.

I hope you will consider doing larger images or a wallpaper one in a while. I'd love to use some of your images as a desktop.
» Kerberos wrote on August, 11th 2009 | 09:27
Interesting enough, that here are so many who state that they don't like these "doll faces", but more or less love these images! Thank you very much! This means a lot to us! :-)
And the question for Male or Female underneath. Hmm, I don't know if we should give a direct answer, some already know it, others may conjecture until they are sure for themselves! :-P
At least we both have a lot of fun with this character!
» latexxm wrote on August, 09th 2009 | 16:13
lovely object, let's hope it will be really obedient and willing to become completly rubberised toy for any use :)
Pretty cool
» Buc wrote on August, 08th 2009 | 14:30
Hmm; nice doll. Male or Female underneath? THe hands are small and the hips wide but the beautiful corset distorts this part anyway. Love the self denial of air. I don't normally care for the doll look or mask but this is a promising start.
» morkaii wrote on August, 03th 2009 | 19:48
Killer look and outfit!

Usally not a huge fan of Female masks but some got it... you for instance ;)
» latexman_99 wrote on August, 02th 2009 | 18:31
absolutely awesome look!!!!
» Kerry wrote on August, 02th 2009 | 17:36
I saw the "preview" of Clarissa on Crazy Rubber and have been looking forward to her debut here. Fantastic!
» hiro wrote on August, 02th 2009 | 10:07
amazing - and a realy profession look ?
i usualy don't like those "real looking masks" - i prefere anonnymous black shapeless masks - but in this case, Clarissa is not looking like Fantomas ...
At least i like to tell you, that the last 10 pictures of this shooting are like the promise of more "extreme" ?
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