It is war! - Part I

So, today, as announced some weeks ago, we are going to post the first small bunch of our great weekend at the ?Beelitz Heilstaetten?.
This time we want you to immerse yourself into a virtual world, far away in another galaxy, at another time. A world full of violence, blood, war and, of course, darkest sexual carnage. Hoping to transport a bit (really, only a bit, we don?t have that heavy weaponry available at the moment) the feeling of the Warhammer 40k universe, we want to introduce to you some important characters, characters who will play an important role during that epic battle.

With special thanks to ?Samauth?, who did these awesome photos and made a great job with the editing and to ?Lady Desdemona? & ?PeerGynt?, offering their mind, body and soul for this evil mission! It was a great day and we had a lot of fun!

Have yours, too! :-)

The good (a matter of perspective, of course) ones:

Drug-addicted weirdo
If you knock at the door of his splendiferous chalet in the alps of Chaleb VII, a small thin man will open. Don?t be confused by the look at him, he is one of the best paid, most renown and reckless mercenaries in this part of the galaxy. Being on one hand familiar with most of the known ways to bring death over most known species and on the other hand obsessed by the research of and experimentation with known and unknown drugs makes him a combatant one must never underestimate.
With the same smile while drinking a most expensive black herb tea from Aalen II or playing with cats he will remove your eyes in a blink of an eye. He then will play with you and give you things to drink that aren?t definitely any fine teas! It is said he is able to prolong the life of his enemies on the field just because to have more living ?corpses? he can shoot at. His drugs make him faster, stronger and more intelligent than most other beings on two legs.
He already killed several thousand.

Personal quotes:
?Damn, this is good stuff!?
?What are you talking about? Pain does not exist!?

Alien Assassinator
Nobody knows her origin nor does anybody know of which species she is part of. At least one can clearly see that she is in fact female - after the human guidelines.
On the market for assassins she earns the most money. She never fails. She always let her victims know beforehand that she is hunting them. Cruel like a cat with mice she plays with her ?jobs? until they give up and are an easy target.
As a mercenary she works behind the enemy lines, destroying the command infrastructure and killing the officers in field. Although quite weak in body, her intelligence and her choice of weapons and equipment is exceptional - most expensive as well as most effective.
She already killed several thousand.

Personal quotes:
?Ssssshchaaaa! Ssssshchaaaa!?
?You can hear me breathing? Bad luck! It?s the breath of your annihilation!?

The bad (history will judge) ones:

Laura Tias
Working as a special agent for the Luciferian Empire, she already managed to survive the cruel contract she made with the Chaos for nearly 130 years now. Filled with unholy power given to her by the energy fluids of the Chaos sphere and the experiences of a century of death, destruction and blackest desires.
Her very soul and mind always at the edge of insanity she is craving for the next war, the next battle and the next gore-spilling massacres. She does not only kill her foes, she wounds them to death, removing their limbs with as little use of weapons as possible, watching them while they die a slow and painful death.
Sometimes her perverted sexual desires overpower her and she uses sophisticated drugs and narcotics on the battle field, choosing the best and most powerful specimen of her enemies, rendering them use- and helpless, for her later amusement. Bringing the hapless victims to her stainless steel chambers she uses them for her own carnal desires, before torturing them slowly to death.
She already killed several thousand.

Personal quotes:
?How much do you offer? That much? Then nothing is impossible!?
?Perhaps for this one the narcotics, I need my next play pet!?

Soldier of Destruction
Constructed from a new breed of Uber-Soldats created by the Luciferian Empire, these fighters are the most dreaded ones in the whole galaxy. They know no pain, they have no other will than to obey to their Emperor, they have been made for only one purpose: to kill every enemy in their way, to trample upon the fallen, to massacre the innocent and to annihilate life on every planet they have been sent to.
They always come in squadrons, fighting back on back. They only carry large weapons. Due to their armour they seem to be nearly indestructible. They don?t care if their ammunition empties, they carry enough hand-to-hand weapons and they love the moment, when they can throw away their bulky projectile guns.
When they go - and they never went in flight, always after victory - they leave bleak and dead worlds behind, for the amusement of their Emperor. The Emperor always visits the planets after the victory of his vast armies and he already visited hundreds of worlds.
The death toll is not countable.

Personal quotes:
?Die! Die! Die!?
?Only a dead world is a good world! Damn, one is still crawling??
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» bobmer wrote on February, 17th 2010 | 00:12
Nice picture, high artistic level. I like the surrounding where do you find such a nice space?
» BritBastard wrote on September, 15th 2009 | 18:15
That's the most sinister look ever from inside a gas mask!
» gumminut wrote on September, 05th 2009 | 17:17
Awesome foursome cant wait to see what adventures await!
» morkaii wrote on September, 02th 2009 | 18:19
Great job! Love... well all of it, outfits, style, feel and place! Keep up the AWESOME work!
» alpharalph wrote on August, 31th 2009 | 23:54
Excellent collection--amazingly erotic and dark.
» Machina wrote on August, 28th 2009 | 21:26
BRILLIANT!! You guess have outdone yourselves yet again. <3
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