Happy New Year

A belated Happy New Year 2011!
We've been away for quite a while on prolonged holidays and were honored to finally meet up with Susann&Marcus of "A thing for rubber". We had a really nice time, especially that very special Thursday - awesome highlight! Thank you for the nice week! :)
We even had a tiny bit of time to take some pictures in rubber, perhaps one or another of you may have seen the results. If not (for example):

Apart from that we now had some time and the right mood for some serious shooting! The photos shown here were taken during the making of of our new video "Getting it all", a real treat for every lover of some more severe breath play.
We will publish here only a tiny fraction of it, but you'll be able to get your own whole copy!

Have fun watching the photos and as usual - comments more than welcome! :)
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» boundpup29 wrote on January, 05th 2014 | 13:31
wow!!!hot!!!very hot!!!
» RubberCouple2013 wrote on July, 06th 2013 | 18:06
Very nice. One of my favorite ways to dress. In fact I'm going to get dressed right now.
» dutchbloke2012 wrote on April, 29th 2013 | 16:40
the more i see the more i like it, please keep on going and surprise us,
» gabtom wrote on November, 13th 2012 | 07:22
hehe^^ very hot:-)
Pretty cool
» Gummigubben wrote on September, 20th 2012 | 23:18
Impressively wrinkle-free suit that looks like it is from at least 0.5 mm latex, and no visible zipper!
Is it a face-entry?
Then it must be a real struggle to get io or out of it.
» stephvog wrote on August, 09th 2011 | 09:10
how great is it. i like this pics.
Pretty cool
» muppet wrote on February, 11th 2011 | 21:02
ohh, would love to be trussed up like that .
» Peergynt wrote on February, 01th 2011 | 09:16
I am jealous !!
» estrellasun wrote on February, 01th 2011 | 00:30
Very nice... hope to see the video soon!
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