Mission statement v.02

This being the actual commencement of our diary, we thought it appropriate to compose a minor creed. We are going to explain some things to you, dear visitor, things that are important to us, that explain the ambitions of this website, so that you will be able to better understand what we want to do now and in future.

We, that are Kerberos and Belkelel, are the owners of this website. Of course, we are using nicknames to conceal our real identity, because there are at least two lives we are living and we want to keep them strictly apart. Surely there are friends and some selected acquaintances who know more?
We gave this text the name ?mission statement?, because what we have in mind with this website is some sort of a mission, in our eyes a quite ambitious project full of possibilities.
There are several points we would like to explain!

As an outset we wanted to create a second life. We call it a ?fictitious? second life. This ?life? was initially intended to have nothing to do with our vanilla existence, but focus solely on the fantasy and fiction of our being.
However after some consideration we found that the creation of a fictitious life had to come through an interaction with our real life. Both to give this life a maximum of vitality and potency, but also to make it give something back to our reality; to enhance it and to make?them?grow together.
So instead of blocking out our reality we thought we would bring it in and use it, transpose it, so to speak. By using stories as a base for enactment of?real life events and capturing them in various image forms?we hope to tell?stories that operate on various levels of reality.
In short, a way for a virtual life to intermittently become a reality because of the realisation of mere fantasies. But also, a way for our real life to intermittently become fantasy because of the mere transposing of reality.?You might think this sounds evident or even like a platitudinal concept.

Which brings us on to the next point, the method for the visualisation of fiction and fantasy. Due to past experiences in maintaining a kinky website we have found that the ?simple? shooting of isolated?ideas or events?is not satisfying for the imagination in the long run. We believe that the human mind needs more over time than just a feeding of the visual cortex to produce and propagate a truly perverse expression and imagination. In our opinion, there have to be other stimuli, too, first and foremost the stimulation of fantasy. Ok, sounds nice, you might think, and perhaps like a platitude, again. But simple visuals simply destroy fantasy! Look through your own vast collection of fetish images (we?re sure one or another of you possesses such collections) and try to think of your very own fantasies afterwards?

Since we aim at visualising (non-)fictional texts of any kind, be they extreme or mild or plainly different, if they resonate with our ideas and align with our tastes, nothing will stop us from working with them, from giving them life in any way possible.
Hence we thought that this would be a chance to bring enthusiastic and kinky people together, people, who share at least some of these thoughts and would be willing to share some of their own creativity. In that relation we seek the special, the exuberant and the extravagant expressions, something you and we have never seen or felt before, but always wanted to see and feel, to create something really unique! The whole should be greater than the sum of the parts, and the parts would be the people and their creativity we are looking for.

For this to become a viable concept we need ?alliances?, participants marked by a dedication to express themselves and take their fantasy to the nth power. We seek collaborations with anyone who feel a connection with this sentiment of wanting to enhance both reality and fantasy. The process of creativity should be an enrichment for every partner who is involved in the realisation of a sub project. And something really important - every member should feel a certain desire to play a significant part in this project. Not because of competition, rather because of seeing the best he or she is capable of bringing to life. This includes the own wishes of the member, his or her imaginations, philosophies and ultimate fantasies. The novelty of this concept will therefore be measured by the dint of fantasy its participants provide.

You might think now, that this seems to be rather odd, but such a combined effort is already done when one part simply writes a story and the other part makes plain photographs. But you can surely see, that this concept is virtually unlimited, there are no constraints.
Of course, for the sake of further improvements we need your input. A simple way are the comments and rating functions you can use for each entry.
Another thing will be a certain flexibility, to adjust the concept and in return to adjust the functionality of the website, too, to improve all of these things when there is need for improvement. This is tightly connected with being up-to-date. We just hate websites that pretend to be alive with a lot of members or profiles or whatever, but are de facto dying a slow death, because they just stagnate.

And here we come to our final and perhaps most important objective, above all this philosophical tattle (we?re sure some of you will find it to be exactly this :-) ) we want to entertain you, dear visitor. By establishing this concept, we hope that everybody will be able to find his or her proper ?corner?. And no matter our diverse positions, it should all
be with common purpose of making each of us laugh, come alive and feel in as many different ways as we can imagine.

Twisted rubber philosophy!
Becoming an empire!*
No democracy! At least not here!*

A last word:
If you are not deeply moved by any of our ambitions, then we don?t say ?Fuck off?, you?re still welcome! But you definitely belong to the ?others?? **

** :-)

? 13th February 2009 by Kerberos&Belkelel
14th March 2009 - Revised by Eppy Thatcher & Kerberos
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