Technical information

Here you are going to find some technical information about our website.
Because we are using the newer web technologies excessively, we encourage you to use the newest browser programs or at least a browser that is able to show this website in the way it is intended. In the following we are going to show you how the website should look and function in your browser.

The timeline is the calendar of this website. Here you will find every entry that has been created over time. At first you will see the year(s) and arranged beside the months of this selected year. (Figure 1)

Timeline pop-up and alternative content list
In most browsers the so-called Timeline pop-up is triggered, when the mouse cursor is hovering over a specific month in the timeline. A small window is popping up, showing all entries of this chosen month in a short form. (Figure 2) You can click on any of these window entries, this will show you the selected story or blog entry completely. In some browsers this pop-up may not work, because of technical issues. An alternative is to click on the respective month, showing you a complete list of all entries of this month in the normal context of the website. (Figure 3)

Image galleries
After selecting a specific entry from our vast archive ;-) you will see at the left the corresponding images. In order to be able to see them in bigger size you have to be logged in. As stated on the registration/log-in page, this registration is completely free of charge. We will never change that, the access to this level of image quality will be free as long as this website is alive! When logged in you are able to see the pictures in the respective size. For a ?nice? representation of our photographs we use a JavaScript library called Lightview. (Figure 4) If you are using a web browser with older JavaScript functionality or it simply does not work, try to disable JavaScript in the preferences of your web browser. At least you will able to see the pictures in the way as shown in Figure 5.

Image galleries and Cooliris
The web browser plug-in Cooliris does an even better job presenting the image galleries. Using a stunning 3D-interface we thought it would be a nice addition. If you install it (it is free of charge) you will have this experience with every gallery we present on our site. See the Figure 6, Figure 7 and Figure 8.

Registration/Log in
In order to be able to use the whole functionality of our website you have to be logged in. This implies you have to register first, with a working email address as the most important information. After registration you normally will get a mail that contains an URL for account validation. If you don't get that mail, you perhaps provided a not working address, had a typo during registration or the validation mail had been marked as SPAM by your email provider.
Perhaps you are asking yourself, why a working email address? Because we think we are doing some nice work here, showing you stuff we do with our heart and soul, we want something in return. We want to know at least a bit about our serious visitors, the email is the beginning, in the future you will have the opportunity to leave some information about yourself in your profile. Surely nothing of it is a necessity, but we would really appreciate it. Although the Great Internet is mostly anonymous, this does not mean, it HAS to be anonymous at every place.
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