Why you buy

This informational page is primarily about the ?pay-site? aspects of our website.

Paysite isn?t the correct description for us, because the approach we take is quite different. As stated at different places we maintain a personal and non-commercial website. This means

everything you see here, the pictures, the videos and the stories, are FREE of charge for your personal use!

This is a fact that will never change! We stated it a several places, too!

So, why ?commercial aspects?? We thought that a small part of you don?t like these pictures or videos in the small form as we are presenting them.

Indeed, they are rather small, but it saves data traffic and most of you surely know - data traffic for webservers isn?t for free. This means, every month we are paying some money to maintain our server. We do it because we want to do it and are able to afford it without problems. Please remember it, such technology and webspace etc. does NOT come for free and everything you see here is paid by us! We don?t ask for help (in a financial or different way), but if you intend to support us we would really appreciate it!

Next thing why we offer ?commercial aspects? - the rather small size of the images and videos only shows a small part of the technical quality we are creating our work in. Mostly made with a Canon EOS 5D Mark II the resolution of our photography and cinematography (*cough* Ok, not really cinematography at the moment ;-) ) is more than sufficient for super high quality prints or presentation on Full-HD displays or TVs.

So, summarised, we offer you a possibility to buy for a comparably small amount of money very high resolution versions of our work. Either supporting us because you think our site is worth your support or because you want to have high quality versions for your personal use, printing them as large posters (or whatever you like) or viewing our crisp video footage on large Full-HD TV sets.

If you have any questions, comments or critique, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Just answer to your registration mail?


P.S.: Here a sample picture in the resolution as you would buy it. You can see, the watermark is much less obtrusive
Sample photo
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