Getting it all - Trailer

As promised here the trailer for our new video "Getting it all".
Kerberos is planning to have some selfbondage fun, but Belkelel is watching him while he prepares himself.
After he clicked the handcuffs shut she takes away the only key, having him under her complete control. Some heavy breath play is in Belkelels mind and she tries her ideas relentlessly on Kerberos.

The trailer shows only a small part, playing with an airtight gag and a 5l Rüsch rebreathing bag.

Have fun watching it!

P.S.: The full version can be found in our clip stores:
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» likliklik wrote on July, 02th 2017 | 08:56
Heyy I can't watch the video; I've just reinstalled chrome, tried on firefox and edge, and even tried safari with no luck
» dutchbloke2012 wrote on April, 29th 2013 | 16:39
with great joy i have purchased your clips, and it was magic the interaction and BP. compliments
» latexlover wrote on December, 21th 2012 | 16:20
excellent subjected to rubber pleasure, will wait for the full senario. Thanks rubberlovers x
Worth watching
» MorticiaLatex wrote on August, 11th 2012 | 20:17
Thank you for recording the live sound and not adding music.
» rubbergumm wrote on March, 14th 2012 | 16:51
Beautiful exciting video
» xXendra wrote on October, 21th 2011 | 23:51
oh wow, i just discovered this site, and i'm very happy i did!!!
Hotness all over!!!
» latexual wrote on July, 27th 2011 | 02:08
So exciting! I can't wait for the video to be released! (but of course I HAVE to wait! Just like HE does!)
» james and Lizzie wrote on July, 13th 2011 | 14:11
Great what fun and love the tight head wrap with rebreather hmmmm
» rubbysuit wrote on May, 01th 2011 | 01:12
love it. exciting.
» gumminut wrote on April, 03th 2011 | 16:04
Kerberos Man your one lucky rubberslave!
» guzo68 wrote on March, 23th 2011 | 21:57
danke f?r euer neues video, wie immer sehr sehr sch?n - mal an kerberos stelle sein...
» estrellasun wrote on March, 07th 2011 | 00:36
Long time without updates. Im nervouse about the next amazing one.
» peccator wrote on February, 13th 2011 | 16:59
Very cool video! Dit koof ik glatt, wa?
» gumminut wrote on February, 04th 2011 | 17:05
Very Hot indeed cant wait to see the whole scene
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