New Year

After a long night and an even longer sleep we went out for a New Year stroll. We drove to a recommended photo location, a former industrial-sized bakery. The fires in the electric ovens went out nearly ten years ago, so only some vast halls and broken glass windows remained. A chilling wind whistled with fury around the corners, perhaps in Summer a good place, but now in Winter cold and broken.
Another small series of pictures of our rent house, the smoking lounge we used yesterday, the stair case to the upper rooms, the stair case to the dungeon :-), our bedroom with a small play room nearby.
Plans for a bigger shoot already made?


Nearly finished shooting. This one is really tedious. We'd planned some kind of "Overlay" pictures, many single photos for one overlayed one. Many outfits are needed, constantly changing the clothes, but definitely a lot of fun. Now we know how a latex fashion show works! :-P
One single photo attached. You'll read us again tomorrow - our last day here in this great house. Perhaps we should show the basement to you this time?
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» Nightrake wrote on June, 24th 2010 | 22:03
Love it - you lucky people ! xx
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