Vacuum bed extended

As promised we would like to inform you that a new update has occurred at deviantArt. This weekend we did a very exciting shooting with one of our vac beds, a heavily modified one, with a huge hollow tube gag and very thick rubber sheath. After a while these 4.5cm (1.78?) of tubing between the teeth seemed to be increasing and increasing? :-)

UPDATE: Some of you are interested in the source of the sheath: You …
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News from Clarissa

Some days ago after a really really short waiting time the new equipment acquisition from HW-Design arrived!
It?s meant to be a major improvement for the Clarissa project! The first photo set we made - many of you surely remember, it?s one of your favourite sets so far ( ) - was a bit provisional, because most of the clothing belonged to Belkelel. But now Clarissa has her own outfit, more kinda heavy rubber and …
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Emperor's toy

You surely remember both awesome updates regarding our photo holidays in Beelitz Heilstatten near Berlin.
For the first two series - ?It is war! - Part I? ( ), in fact the introduction of these crazy assassins and Uber-soldats from time and space far away, and ?A planet too far? ( ) which had been the second part of that epic saga.
And you surely remember, too, that the Emperor in his glory subdued the …
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