Emperor's toy

You surely remember both awesome updates regarding our photo holidays in Beelitz Heilstatten near Berlin.
For the first two series - ?It is war! - Part I? ( www.rubberphilosophy.com/2009/08/28/it+is+war++part+i.htm ), in fact the introduction of these crazy assassins and Uber-soldats from time and space far away, and ?A planet too far? ( www.rubberphilosophy.com/2010/02/03/a+planet+too+far.htm ) which had been the second part of that epic saga.
And you surely remember, too, that the Emperor in his glory subdued the planet as well as it?s armies and captured precious foes. Of course he spared their lives, being much too valuable for a simple slaughter in wrath.
So today we bring tidings about the doings of our heroes in the service of the omnipotent Emperor and you will see it isn?t that bad?

? 2010
Photos taken by: Samauth
Photos edited by: Kerberos
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» Gospodin wrote on March, 20th 2014 | 15:04
This is a fantastic series, and I uncovered it in an old favourites list on Deviantart, along with the original A Planet Too Far.

So much of this captures what I am trying to do with my Torei setting!
» Nightrake wrote on June, 24th 2010 | 22:14
Oh boy I wish it was me

» paradiso wrote on April, 30th 2010 | 15:55
Those outfits are brilliant. Love the session

Keep up the good work.

Just a question... where do you get your outfits from as I would love to but some of the gear?

Take care

» hiro wrote on April, 08th 2010 | 14:54
stunning ! ! ! especially the last 9 pictures where immediately added to my posession ?
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