Back from our short holidays in the villa we are able to look back at three very exciting, comfortable and inspiring days. We have already made plans to return, but this time not alone - for there are many projects to be put into reality! So, be ready - you know who you are! :-)

We have finished our so-called ?Self-Party?, the picture series we have mentioned before. At New Year we had a tiny decadent party with ourselves, us and Belkelel and Kerberos. Confusing? At least Kerberos had a confusing time during picture editing, overlaying many photos for one party image. Because of the lack of enough party people we had to put ourselves into the respective outfits and take single pictures of each of it. It ended in sort of a fashion show, most of the time we spent with changing our clothes. Although we had made a sketch of the different positions and camera angles before we nevertheless forgot to take one single photo in the heat of the battle. Perhaps you are able to recognise it? :-P

On our last day our video project partially failed, sadly! Could be one explanation - it was Belkelels first try to handle the manual focus and the rest of the camera. The thing we had in mind was rather complex additionally, but it?s a thing we discovered too late. We?ll see what we are able to make out of it?
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» MorticiaLatex wrote on November, 05th 2011 | 20:37
Wow! I am very impressed with the amount of work you put into this. Really cool results too!
» davetim2001 wrote on March, 27th 2011 | 23:17
Awesome dress and gorgeous feminine body!
» shinydoll wrote on August, 27th 2010 | 11:23
This is a very difficult one to post process. The reflections on the glass cabinet have been handled very well. There is a missing person on the couch though! No?
Another excellent composition with fantastic outfits once again.
» Rickmccallen wrote on March, 13th 2010 | 14:18
so nice pics.

Pretty cool
» Andy wrote on January, 21th 2010 | 07:02
Nice pics and beautiful location. The size of the pics should be lager!!! Thanks and nice made!!
» Gummina wrote on January, 10th 2010 | 18:28
Gratulation!Eine wiklich gelungene Seite mit fantastischen Bildern.
» das-gummipueppchen wrote on January, 09th 2010 | 11:12
Cool shots - so many ;-) nice rubberpeople
» paradiso wrote on January, 07th 2010 | 23:24
Thanks for another great photoshoot. I really wish I was there enjoying all the rubbery goodness.

Take care

» jantzenuk wrote on January, 07th 2010 | 15:47
I like the storyboard!
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