A planet too far

A lot of time went by since we?ve been in Beelitz Heilstatten. Here the next large part of the adventures of our war heroes. Behold the gorgeous work of Samauth, it took so much time and he put so much effort into it, it was more than worth to wait for this awesome result. For all of you who missed the introduction of the main characters, here the link to that specific update: www.rubberphilosophy.com/2009/08/28/it+is+war++part+i.htm

And here it comes - ?A planet too far?:
The howling of the approaching missiles grew louder and louder. Before the immense detonations of high-explosive RDX-Ω could sweep them off their feet they already crawled through the debris and dust clouds. The blasts smashed the last remnants of the one inch thick bullet-proof glass out of the windows and illuminated the night.
?I told you, this whole operation would be futile! I told you before! There is no point in these amounts of money if we are going to die on this filthy planet! Filthy planet, filthy people, worthless to be freed or rescued?? He looked with his unnatural blue eyes to his companion and regardless of the situation he could only think about one thing - peel off her clothes and having some fun, right here, in this half-destroyed building, in earshot of the relentless soldiers of the Luciferian Empire.
,Yeah, would be a worthy end, but most likely she will kill me before I could even touch her!? He sighed quietly and gave attention again to his surroundings.
?Be silent, little red-eyed worm, before I silence you! Fuckin? bitch, I?m doomed to work and perhaps even die with you.?
Her disturbing voice came like growls from the communication outlets of her very bizarre mask.
?So, what are we going to do now, eh??, she rasped. ?We have to get out of here, my tactical information screen tells me, there are some units on its way to this place. And it seems, some Superiors like us are on the way, too.?
?You want to fly? You? Pfff, never thought that somebody like you will fly! Fly! Ehehehe, fly like a fly!? He took a deep breath. ?Damn, what I?m talking. Wait, I have to refresh one of the depots??
?Fuckin? drug-addicted weirdo! If we ever get out of this hell I will cut your throat and watch you bleeding to death! And now get ready, we have to go!? Her voice trembled with anger.
Suddenly in her internal information system some proximity alerts arose, showing her the arrival of many more heavy armoured battle units. Obviously their plan was to establish a bridgehead, accompanied by the erection of different large-scale and large-distance weaponry.
?Damn!?, she whispered to her comrade. ?Look, they are exactly in our way and there are coming in more and more. They are going to build a temporary base right here!?
?This is ill news! We should go back to this large building behind us, many rooms and floors, good for us when it comes to hand to hand! Nobody can stand against us two!?
?Yeah, you?re possibly right! But what, if they simply level the building and crumble everything to dust??
?For two opponents? Look at this construction! Nearly everything is made of Pla-steel and Neutronium! They need atomics and I have my doubts about the efficiency of such weapons in this case. Come, our chances are much better in there!?
?Wait, there is something you should know before?? It was too late, he already used his increased speed to cover the distance to the building in a blink of an eye. She had no other choice but to follow him.
They ran quickly through the first floor, finding the stairs to the next, running up and up. The construction and the used materials in the walls prevented any signal exchange with her hidden ship in the orbit. No tactical information about her surroundings came through. After getting to the second floor she gave the signal for stop.
?What?s up, my dear? Already short of breath?? He giggled.
?Shut up, scum! We have a problem! I can?t establish a connection to my tactical databases and the satellite network. This building prevents any electronic communication! You dumb ass led us into a trap!?
?I don?t know why but I like how you are cursing! Very stimulating!? He grinned under his mask. ?But in earnest, then why don?t we just try to use the intelligence devices we still have??
?And what could that be? Mine aren?t working!?
?They are called eyes and ears!? He chuckled and went with fast steps to the next window, before she was able to curse him again.
Obviously the room they were into led through a door and a window to some sort of a balcony, that connected every neighbour room. He threw a quick glance out of the window and nearly got a heart attack. He ran back to her.
?Damn, damn, damn. Outside, on the balcony! A Superior, a Commander of the Chaos forces and a small unit. Damn, seems, you were right! What to do now? Damn, damn?? He nervously stepped forward and back, fingering at his weapons.
?Stop whining and get ready, worm! When did you abandon rage and lustful killing for fear and cowardice?? Her voice growled.
Slowly he turned around.
?What did you say? You are calling me a coward? You overestimated bitch! How dare you! Even YOU are no match for me, you would pull the trigger of your gun and recognise in that moment that you are already dead! Fuckin???
?Good! You have come to your senses! And now canalise your anger and slay these bastards!?
Shaking his head and murmuring inaudible insults, he activated his combat drug package. Like a storm they moved through the rooms, throwing bolter projectiles like hail. Everything in their way exploded to gory masses and hot shreds of heavy armour. In the blink of an eye they exterminated the whole unit. Only the Superior and the Commander were able to take cover, only made possible by their inhuman strength and speed.
Breathing hard, they both took cover, too. They tried to listen for noises that would reveal the position of their remaining foes.
?Did you recognise her? It was that bitch Laura Tias! Until now I?ve only seen her from the distance and when she is here, this planet is already lost. We have to get away or we are going to die here!?, he whispered into her ears.
?I know, but how? They are holding this passage against us. We have to break through, immediately, before they are able to call for reinforcements. We go to the main corridor and then we try to fight our way back to the stairs. Let?s hope their communication devices are useless, too.?
Stealthily they went to the corridor, but their relentless foes awaited them already. Under heavy fire they were able to push back the Superior Laura Tias and the Chaos Commander. After some minutes they reached the stairs, hard-pressed by their enemies. A normal human wouldn?t have been able to even distinguish the opponents in their ultra-fast dance between the projectiles, a dance on the edge to death and complete destruction. They all knew that the result of this battle between them could shatter the power balance between the free forces of mankind and Chaos hordes of the Luciferian Empire. Apart from the deafening noise of their guns they made no sound. No scream or yell could be heard. From time to time only the reloading of their weapons decreased the noise level a bit.
Ages it seemed to take before they reached the half of the stair to the ground floor.
Suddenly under the heavy rain of ultra-hardened Uranium projectiles and the heavy boot of the Chaos Commander one step of the stair gave way and he stumbled. Just for the fraction of a second, invisible for a human eye, but enough for the Alien Assassinator to see the advantage. And she took care of him, a volley of well-aimed bullets found their target. The Chaos Commander was thrown back onto the wall, but except for a quiet groan he did not make any other sound. Immediately both parties stopped shooting, eying each other.
?We could kill you now! Let us go and you will survive!? Growling the command came from the bizarre mask of the Alien Assassinator.
?Survive? Pah! We don?t need to survive, don?t you know it, we are already dead!? Laura Tias? answer came as a snarl, followed by an evil laughter. ?Our sacred Chaos protects us since so many uncounted years! Apart from this survival-nonsense, do you really think we are important? Only the victory is important, another planet for the Chaos and our Emperor! And he will be very pleased seeing two Superiors in his power!?
?In your power? Before this happens I?ll see myself rotting in hell and my blue-eyed friend here with me! Victory or death, there is no other choice!?
He just nodded to her words, absently, sensing a presence of something powerful, something so old and cruel that his inner self seem to freeze to ice. Drops of sweat began to flow down his face.
,Impossible, sweat isn?t possible!?, he thought, suddenly noticing his hands - trembling.
?My god, what happens here?? He wasn?t able to fight back his feelings, every effect of his drugs had subsided, an impossible thing, too.
?So, you feel it already? The emperor is here, he is always there when another planet falls, when he knows about the ultimate victory! Give up now and surrender, perhaps he will spare your lives! Remember, you are mercenaries, selling yourself to the highest bidder. And I promise, you never had a better customer!?
They both now were chilled to their bones, to their very souls. Their weapons fell from their hands, clattering from step to step to the ground floor.

A new dawn was breaking, the dawn of another victory of the Luciferian Empire. When the mercenaries stepped out of the building, under the vigilance of their captors, they could see the vast armies, standing in file, awaiting the inspection by the Emperor. And with His arrival the exhalations of the Chaos sphere sank upon the planet, undoing life, perverting it to anti-life, making day to a never ending night.

So ends this tale about victory and loss, honour and mighty deeds. Perhaps we?ll hear again about our heroes and foes, but this is another story for another time.

?2010 Kerberos
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» Gospodin wrote on March, 20th 2014 | 15:05
Still a masterpiece!
» divesewr wrote on January, 19th 2011 | 20:33
Very HOT!! Most evil looking rubber pics I've seen in a long time.
Pretty cool
» peccator wrote on October, 03th 2010 | 17:39
This way I would like to play gotcha....hehe
» albrich wrote on February, 27th 2010 | 13:44
I'm highly fascinated by this set of images. I think they are very well executed... For me this set is top-notch. Further more they are accompanied with a superb story. Well don to you and Samauth
» paradiso wrote on February, 26th 2010 | 15:02
Really loved the photos. Looks like you had a lot of fun doing it. Wish I was there participating in it.

Love Hugh
» Kerberos wrote on February, 11th 2010 | 21:58
Oh, finally! We thought NOBODY is going to comment this. *sigh*
I've changed the text and backlinked to the introduction of the main characters?
» latextex wrote on February, 11th 2010 | 21:25
Can you please give us the permanent screen names of the four wonderful latex characters in your pictures? The tall latex girl, the short latex girl, the tall latex man and the short latex man.
» das-gummipueppchen wrote on February, 11th 2010 | 19:54
Great, i hope the good guys will win!
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