Clarissa at the German Fetish Ball Weekend

Just back from our weekend in Hamburg during the time of the German Fetish Ball!
The whole event took place in Hamburg for the first time and we think it was quite a good start (used to be in Berlin the last several years).
We had our accommodation in the partner hotel of this year, a motel with nice rooms for a comparably acceptable price, a good breakfast buffet and some good places for the usual photo sessions.
For the first time the organisers had been able to book the hotel for all the kinky people, so it was a great opportunity to meet old and new friends, having some nice talks and average cocktails.
But not, as we had expected, only kinky people had been guests of the hotel, some locals seemed to use the lobby as some kind of a meeting place, pretending not to know about the events that would take place during that weekend! It was very interesting to see how they responded to the several spontaneous incidents?
We for our part 'abused' Samauth for a tiny photo session, the results can be admired here! Compared to our party stuff, the things that are needed for this outfit already fill a small suitcase, but we took the opportunity to have some benefit, when there is one of the scarce occasions to meet up with Samauth. We HAD to do it! :)

The Ball itself was, apart from the partially very good and sometimes quite arousing shows (Ancilla Tilia rocked it with her show), not very different in comparison to the last years. The location of the Edelfettwerk is in our eyes much more interesting than the Matrix in Berlin, many differently sized halls and rooms, with lots of different music. The beautiful mistress in her latex gown (Belkelel was) and her obedient puppy with heavy dog mask and lockable fist mitts (Kerberos was) had a good time at the Ball.
Later on the Catonium, a famous local BDSM club, invited the Ball attendees for an after-show party. The always-there-and-always-ready shuttle bus service drove us around to the different party locations, here to the Catonium.
Although the location is quite impressive and really famous, we didn?t really like it there. There are some vast halls, pretending to be medievally arranged, but obviously not very authentic, too much facade, much to open for private play. At least we aren?t used to such places and the way the hamburger BDSM scene uses to play.

All in all a very eventful weekend with lots of nice people and nice rubber! :)

This update can be found at deviantArt, too:
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» rubberwim wrote on August, 13th 2010 | 23:42
harald wilfer from HG, or is it all your design?
» Kerberos wrote on July, 28th 2010 | 23:32
@rubberwim: And who is "harald"?
» rubberwim wrote on July, 28th 2010 | 23:20
harald did again a great yob here.
» tighty wrote on May, 26th 2010 | 19:00
I really love this outfit! Keep up the good work. Heard from Samauth that it was a great weekend...
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