Twisted chains

Today a small in-between update. We have to admit, that the summer is way too nice with great weather and the available spare time tends to be spent for many other activities than making a lot of pictures or videos.
But, do not despair, we still think of you and whenever an idea strikes, we will be ready to capture it (or the respective people ;-)).

Here we've put Belkelel into a light, but effective bondage position, her legs half-way in the air, spread by a spreader bar. Her hands cuffed behind with heavy Irish8.

We hope, you'll like the photos, more classic this time! Have fun viewing them!
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» carso wrote on August, 18th 2010 | 22:10
nice very nice chains and latex
» sucker wrote on August, 04th 2010 | 21:51
This would make an exerlent vidio
» latexadmirer wrote on July, 29th 2010 | 07:07
excellent, perfect, beautiful, magnificent, absolute, wonderful
there's not enough words to express such a beauty
I wish I had a girl like she
good luck
» rubberwim wrote on July, 28th 2010 | 23:14
thank you for this stunning show of black all over.
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