Clarissa II. - Reversed roles

After a longer summer break we are beginning to do stuff for our website again.
Today it begins with a well-known figure and outfit, but with a major difference. Clarissa II. isn't just another set of same looking photos. Here something extremely important has happened! ;-)
Will you recognize it? We are sure, when you realize the fact you will be very pleased and curious about what exciting things the future will bring!
Ok, enough of that nonsense. Enjoy the pics and if you have something to say to solve that riddle, just do!
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» JTDT wrote on January, 03th 2014 | 11:40
Love the set. Rubberdolls are my weakness.
» District wrote on January, 07th 2011 | 09:50
Excellent set.

I'm really wondering where you get your gear from. Those lips... and I'm not talking about the mouth!
» Katwoman wrote on November, 27th 2010 | 12:48
A perfect rubber encased doll. Such great attention to detail and quality outfits.
» Nightrake wrote on November, 22th 2010 | 15:05
Oh to be there !!!!
» latextex wrote on November, 20th 2010 | 02:59
forgot to rate. Absolutely FIVE STARS
» latextex wrote on November, 20th 2010 | 02:58
Both neck corset and waist corset are laced fully closed in this series.
» LTXBAT wrote on October, 28th 2010 | 18:01
waow,what i call encasement,great outfit.
» estrellasun wrote on October, 17th 2010 | 20:55
Amazing view... I hope more of Clarissa in the future.
» guzo68 wrote on October, 16th 2010 | 21:49
absolut perfekt, mein Kompliment
» Kerberos wrote on September, 23th 2010 | 08:43
@Kerry: Here we have the winner. This is one of the minor details we will take care of the next time! :)
Others even don't see any difference!
Pretty cool
» Dude1888 wrote on September, 22th 2010 | 21:53
I wish she actually used that inflatable dildo. The outfit is just perfect!
» Kerry wrote on September, 22th 2010 | 21:36
My guess would be that Kerberos and Belkelel and switched parts. I'm basing this on the fact you got the Emeraald mask completely closed in the back. It's very exciting!
» latexcouple15 wrote on September, 22th 2010 | 13:47
Absolutely georgeous!
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