Rubberdolls at play

Since some time we planned to do some kind of a rubber doll twin shooting/video session. So, this is the result.
We've recognized that our lighting possibilities are quite pathetic, so we are not Uber-happy with the sharpness and noise. This will change in the next future - we ordered two large video daylight lamps, 1750W each! Most likely this will be enough! :-P
Apart from the technical babble - enjoy the clip! If you have some comments or critiques, you know where the comment box can be found: just below! ;-)
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» PokeNirvash wrote on May, 05th 2014 | 05:21
Loved this video! Can't seem to get it to play in fullscreen, though.
» Robofish wrote on December, 15th 2013 | 04:27
Bit late to this one, but just had to say this is a truly wonderful video. Fantastic job!
» dutchbloke2012 wrote on April, 29th 2013 | 16:47
wonderfull, hard to make up who is who, but love the 2 dolls having fun
» rubbergumm wrote on March, 14th 2012 | 16:58
wow, my wet dream
» MorticiaLatex wrote on November, 05th 2011 | 20:43
You lead an enviable life, at least this part of it! :D
» xXendra wrote on October, 22th 2011 | 00:03
you two are amazing!!

» lestat wrote on May, 20th 2011 | 18:03
Adore it, the sounds and the amazing gear... jealous!
» FranceLaclou?e wrote on January, 27th 2011 | 18:12
Looks like a dream. TOP
» showdoll wrote on January, 18th 2011 | 13:00
Amazing video. I got ver exited by your play.
Thanks for sharing.
» gumminut wrote on January, 17th 2011 | 16:32
Fu**K thats hot ..worth waiting till the end!
» Oompah wrote on January, 16th 2011 | 09:35
That really is an erotic rubber video. Great sounds too.
» rubberm wrote on January, 07th 2011 | 10:16
Echt super video ,w? gern auch mal so eine tolle rubberdoll
» December, 19th 2010 | 13:52
FAbulous ! One of the best rubberdoll video i have seen.
I cant wait for th part 2, you have made my day :)
» shinydelight wrote on December, 17th 2010 | 18:57
Very nice, I loved the part with the breath-play. I find the masks very distracting and not erotic at all.
Thanks for sharing though!
» December, 11th 2010 | 23:41
simply amazing! maybe next time you could have the girls give their comments on their thoughts on the experience immediately after it. Some sites do that and it works quite well.
» rubbien wrote on December, 09th 2010 | 12:35
Das ist echte Latexbegeisterung. Meinen Gl?unsch zu diesem sehr erotischen Video!
» duiker wrote on December, 08th 2010 | 19:53
A very Beautiful and a really wonderful fetish video of those very sexy rubberdolls.
This was by fare the best erotic rubber video I have seen in a long time on the web.
I hope to see more on your Amazing website in the future.
» latexadmirer wrote on December, 08th 2010 | 16:30
Beautiful as the latex fetish can be!!! Congratulations!!! Amazing, marvelous, latex-astic!!!
» Buc wrote on December, 07th 2010 | 00:39
Superb a really wonderful fetish video. Very pleased you did not add a sound track, Just the pure squeak of rubber lust and the sound of mask breathing is the finest music to our ears.
» bgyraho wrote on November, 30th 2010 | 20:56

Where do you get the mask?
» latextex wrote on November, 25th 2010 | 04:00
This has to be one of the best rubber videos ever. The "noise" or sound is great. We all know and love the sound of latex on latex and rubber breathing through a mask. Thank you.
» bcostco619 wrote on November, 23th 2010 | 15:47
That is one of the best and erotic rubber videos I have seen in a long time..... Keep up the great work.
Worth watching
» estrellasun wrote on November, 23th 2010 | 09:01
And amazing scene... I really dream in do the same at the future. Good start and I hope it continues.
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