Le Nuit Demonica - an event report by Samauth

A few weeks ago Iniklyss invited me to come to Paris. He asked me to visit Demonia, a fetish event there. I happily accepted his offer and traveled from my hometown Amsterdam to Paris by train. It was my first time to travel alone to Paris and to travel in a ultrafast Thalys train. It was very impressive when it went above 300 km/h between Brussels and Paris.

After just 3,5 hours I arrived in Paris. Iniklyss greatly welcomed me and toke me to the hotel he had booked. The Moulin Plaza, which was a stone's throw from La Machine du Moulin Rouge. Iniklyss was one of the performers in a zentai show. That is why we could get in La Machine already in the afternoon. They had printed a press pass for me which was very nice to have. It meant that I had free access to the parties and was allowed to take pictures during them! :) This was of course in exchange for some nice pictures.

I began to take pictures of the rehearsal of the Zentai group. There was only one rehearsal before the show. At that point I was doubting the show would be going well. Later I found out they had a good rehearsal and the show was full of improvisation.

I walked around in La Machine and toke some pictures of the final preparations. I found a big machine which was the ancient central warming of the real Moulin Rouge, so that is why this place was called La Machine. After a few hours I went back to the hotel to get into my latex outfit for the party. Gaelle, a friend of Iniklyss, asked us to use our hotel room to change into a rubber dolly. I was really impressed. He got a silicone female bodysuit, dolly mask, a colourful rubber outfit and a corset. Verrryy twisted! Just wicked! :)

The organisers required the photographers to meet the dress code, so I decided to take it serious and went in full rubber. I had my black catsuit, mask, gloves and a pair of platform boots on. I think some people were impressed that I was still able to take pictures when dressed fully in rubber.
Iniklyss was still at La Machine, to change there. Gaelle and I went to La Machine dressed in rubber. It was funny to see how the tourists responded to our ?strange? (for them!) outfits. :P Especially how they responded to the doll outfit of Gaelle. Some tourists smiled, some laughed instantly and some were stocked to death. I believe a number of tourists toke pictures of us with their mobiles when we weren't looking. I was glad that I was wearing my mask. :P

Le Nuit Demonica: The first, big party at Thursday night was more different than I expected. Unlike the German Fetish Ball almost everyone was recognisable. Some thing I was a bit disappointed about - the share of people dressed in rubber was much smaller than the German Fetish Ball.

The show I still remember at this moment was the rope bondage show. It was rather long and in my eyes one of the best. Awesome music, a great light show and beautiful women with their exotic Chinese ordinated outfits! But most of the shows were fantastic!

The next day was another big day. My task was to take pictures of zentai's inside an artist house in the main street of Paris, nearby Hotel La Ville. It was a great time. Running around, finding the best places and ask the models to model for me. At the same time it also was scary because there were a lot of tourists. Some laughed, some smiled and some just ignored us. I'm very pleased with the results. The place was awesome! I will post the rest of the pictures later on my own website www.samauth.com

At Saturday Iniklyss and I visited the shop Demonia in Paris. I bought a very important toy for vacbed play - a massager-wand, Fairy Mini. It is a very strong one, I would recommend it to you all if you?re in need of it. It got variable speeds from 'so sweet' to 'oh no, have mercy!'. I think I will have much fun when using it at bondage plays.

At Saturday evening we had a party, the Bar Elasique, on a boat. It was a much smaller event then Le Nuit Demonia. This party was more easy-going and there was some more room for taking pictures. Iniklyss was clad in an incredible latex gentleman outfit. Gaelle this time chose a cuddly pony outfit, the girls at the party loved it! Of course, I toke many pictures!

Overall I think it was a great - extended - weekend! I took many many pictures and many of them are pretty good! Some of them are my new ?masterworks?! Sadly, many French people aren't able to speak English very well. Iniklyss introduced me to many of his friends during the weekend and I am very thankful for his hospitality during the whole time.

? 2010 Samauth
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