Bad dreams

She watched him from high above. Standing at the rim of the cliff she saw him lying on the water-smoothed rock. He wasn?t moving now, but she knew the narcotic she put into his glass would subside in a few minutes. The sun was standing high at the sky and burned the ground like a blaze. Here at her position a cooling wind moved the air, but down there on these black rocks she knew it would become quite uncomfortable soon. A squirm. He was awoken. With the thought of his predicament that made her smile she turned around and left this bleak place.
He slowly regained his consciousness, recognising the really bad taste in his mouth. His head still dizzy he tried to open his eyes, but all he ?saw? was pure darkness. Slowly his senses powered up and his body did a subconscious survey of his surroundings. His body gave some very strange answers to this survey. With a shock he realised his situation. Most of his body was bound in a stretching material. His nose told him that this material must be rubber, the smell was unmistakable. His whole body seemed to be trapped in some sort of rubber suit, he felt that even his toes were separated by rubber, some sort of gloves for the feet. His legs were free to use, but his arms were held in something like a cocoon, fixating them tightly at his upper body. He was able to move them a bit around in this cocoon, but there was no exit for his hand and arms. So he was forced to put his focus onto his head. Obviously a hood encased his head, shielding him effectively from the outer world. He tried to sit up when he felt something cold flooding around his body. Now the sensations from the world outside of his cocoon rushed onto his depraved senses. The cold water (What else? he thought with an upcoming fear) from below, the burning sun from above, that heated up his body and made him sweat like in hell. He tried to struggle, to free at least one arm or hand, squirming desperately on the ground, but to no avail. The bonds were unforgiving, the outfit he wore was of heavy duty. Gasping under the hood, he felt, to make matters worse, that the facial part of it was sucked tightly to his face, whenever he breathed in too hard. He nearly began to panic, thrashing on the ground. He felt no grip under his feet, the rubber on his body in conjunction with the water let him slip and slide around. He wouldn?t be able to stand up and leave this horrible place and situation, even without the hood. He tried to remember how he got into this. The last thing he knew was this blindingly beautiful girl he was chatting with the whole evening long. But his memories left him already when he was still in that bar. He knew they talked about strange things, about sex and related ?perversions?. Afterward he thought that this girl wasn?t that innocent as it seemed to be. With terror he noticed that the coldness came in more frequently and higher. Sometimes a wave spilled its water over his whole body so that he could even smell the salt and the tang. He managed to sit up a bit but was sure he wouldn?t survive the next hours. The waves became stronger and higher, the next one nearly sucked him down to the rocks. He began to despair but every fibre of his body clung to his life. Wave after wave came in and he began to feel his strength weaken. He wouldn?t be able to hold this much longer and the next wave threw him into the cold water. Fear of death embraced his mind, the last remnants of his strength left his tired body and he surrendered to the force of the water?

With a muffled scream he awoke, the full blown orgasm hit his body and mind. He wasn?t able to breathe, his hands and feet were tied to the bedposts. He felt a latex hood that tightly embraced his head, no opening that let any air into his burning lungs. A hand was playing with his mouth, pressing the fingers through the latex into the mouth hole. His cock was held by another hand and a wet and slippery mouth was sucking him dry by every trick in the book. He tried to scream again but there wasn?t any air left in his lungs. His orgasm seemed to go on forever, his cock and the muscles of his body were twitching violently. With this the hand at his mouth let go and pulled the hood up to his nose.
?It seems you had some interesting dreams, my dear?? A soft voice purred the words into his ear?

? 2009 by Kerberos
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» mg61130 wrote on August, 04th 2009 | 23:40
all from the best: Outfit, location, photos. Congratulations.
» PandaXP wrote on July, 22th 2009 | 09:37
Wonderful outfit!
» shinydelight wrote on July, 06th 2009 | 17:12
Beautiful. We definitely need some videos of these kind of sessions!
» KinkyCouple wrote on March, 04th 2009 | 18:30
I like this bad dream :D
Great photo's and what a nice location !
» gumminut wrote on January, 17th 2009 | 16:23
and I forgot the Rating 1st time so here it is
» gumminut wrote on January, 17th 2009 | 16:21
Wow this totally blew my mind and then blew something else and I don't mean my nose ;-)!
» EpP? wrote on January, 12th 2009 | 13:12
as stated elsewhere; great start!
» Peergynt wrote on January, 04th 2009 | 10:27
I think, we know the location...

Always respect the tide...
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