Space bitches

It was not exactly what you call a smooth landing - in fact it was more like a severe crash.

Desdemona and Juliet were on a trip back from a remote station in space were the crew consisted solely of men that were - after years and years in space - desperately looking for some fun with women. Both liked their job as well-paid space-prostitutes, but after a three weeks shift they were looking forward to …
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Vengance - Part II/III

Abandoned and ruined, though, the house still had some intact rooms that were comparably clean. The front was illuminated by the lights of their car.
?Go inside and start the generator for the lights, I?ll carry her to our playroom.?
,We have stopped. Are we there?? She heard the slam of the doors and felt a rush of cool and fresh air when the trunk was opened.
?Now, my dear, we are where we have to be! If …
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Mission statement

This is the actual commencement of our Diary: We have composed our Mission Statement!
If you want to better understand our ambitions and plans regarding this website it is essential to study our Statement! So please have a look!
You will find the link right below the Login button?

For the sake of simplicity - here the statement again:
"This is the place where we are going to explain some things to you, dear visitor, things that are …
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Vengance - Part I/III

?Hey, can you see this girl? There! Other side of the room! Look, how cute she is! Hmm, such a nice body?? The voice trailed off, as he was watching the girl thoughtfully.
?Yeah, you?re right! This one would be a very nice candidate for our experiment. See, she is even wearing a slave collar! And no master or mistress! What a luck!? The big grin that was distorting their faces could hardly be seen under …
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