Vengance - Part I/III

?Hey, can you see this girl? There! Other side of the room! Look, how cute she is! Hmm, such a nice body?? The voice trailed off, as he was watching the girl thoughtfully.
?Yeah, you?re right! This one would be a very nice candidate for our experiment. See, she is even wearing a slave collar! And no master or mistress! What a luck!? The big grin that was distorting their faces could hardly be seen under the latex hoods they both were wearing. They came this evening in their full rubber attire to this party seeking a victim for their practices in being rubber dominants. And the victim, this beautiful girl in her full rubber outfit, was a perfect fit. They nodded to each other and went straight to the changing rooms. At this high time of the party nobody was around here. Even the music could hardly be heard.
?This will be easy! I?ll wait here, in this dark corner. You will go to her and ,accidentally? ruin her makeup. Just tumble against her and swipe with your shoulder over her face or something similar. Be creative! She has to come back to her ,beauty case? in every case! Follow and keep an eye on the other people. I?ll catch her and we can bring her to our place.? The other one nodded and headed back to the party room. He was really excited. Thinking about the possibilities they would have this night he shivered in anticipation. He did as he was told by his comrade. He ,accidentally? tumbled against her and with a quick movement the lipstick on her lips was smeared severely. He quickly vanished in the masses of people and, watching her through the midst of the crowd, he could see her as she was looking around angrily. But she wasn?t able to recognise the ,attacker? and so she had to move to her changing room to repair her lips. He smiled to himself , everything seemed to work out properly. And to their luck the way to the changing room was still abandoned.
In his dark corner he could hear the clicking of heels on the concrete of the floor. He pressed himself further into the gloom behind the door. It opened and he could see with animal joy that the plan was working. Their victim, this sexy rubber-clad slave girl, came as predicted. He could hear her angry murmurs when she drew out a small mirror and her lipstick. He tiptoed from his corner behind her. Her attention was still drawn onto her lips. Obviously satisfied with the result of her work she put the things away. This was the moment he had waited for. With all his strength he grabbed her with his right arm, rendering her both arms useless. With his left he shoved a gag between her teeth, giving her no opportunity to make any loud noise. After closing the buckle of the gag behind her head he grabbed down and pressed her arms at the elbows together. She was only able to catch her breath trough the small nostril holes in her rubber hood. She was too much stunned to take any measurements against her attacker. She heard and felt the hot breath of her captor at her ear.
?Silent, dear! If you obey you won?t be hurt! We are going to have our fun with you tonight and perhaps you?ll have fun, too!?
She could hear the smile in the voice of this ruffian. After regaining her breath she thought of fighting but meanwhile her captor had already bound her wrists together. He pushed her in direction of the door of the changing room. He grabbed her from behind at her collar, pulling and pushing her, showing her that he was completely in charge. Outside of the changing room another rubber clad guy was waiting.
,That was he who ruined my makeup! So this was just an evil plan to capture me. Fuckin? bastards, if I ever get free they will have to endure my wrath. But now I have to obey to this shit heads!?
She could see that the two guys where nodding to each other and immediately she was dragged towards the fire exit of the club. Nobody could be seen here. And surely nobody would help her here because this was still a fetish and S/M party, it was the main focus of such parties that the masters and mistresses would have their way with the slaves. But in this case she wasn?t a slave for consensual play.
,And this to me! If these guys ever let me free I?ll nail their asses to the St. Andrew crosses in my establishment and will give them some of their own medicine.?
The open trunk of a car gaped before her. She was pushed into it, felt, that her captors where binding her feet together, too. She wasn?t able to move at all and to her anger some thick blankets where put upon her body. She barely was able to pull some air into her lungs. The blankets stank, the air was stale and her limbs where screaming in agony because of the severe bindings.
,Fuck! Next time I?m going to think before putting myself into slave?s attire and going alone to a play party. Hell, where are they bringing me? This road seems to consist of holes only.?
The car took it?s way through the nightly woods of the surroundings of the town. The road was bad but they had prepared a nice abandoned location in an old ruined house in the midst of the woods. Nobody would find or suspect them here.
?This was easier than anticipated! We will surely have our fun with. Did you see her firm ass and these round breasts? Will be a joy to play with them.?
?Oh yes!? The other one grinned. Since the first sight of her in the club he only thought of her ass and tits. Imagined, what he would do to her. He was sure this wouldn?t be a simple rape-and-forget night, they would play with her until she would be the one who begged for being fucked again and again. He nodded to himself and looked to his partner. He seemed to have read his mind and nodded in return, smiling.

to be continued?

? 2009 by Kerberos
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the perfect pic,gogogo!
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Very interesting great work
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excellent - outstanding performance
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