MISTRESS is angry. Oh, you are very angry. Something does not work.
?You fuckin? bitch! Can?t you see, it?s not working at all! CAN?T YOU SEE IT??
She is shouting at me. I do not know anything about a problem. It is all working. Everything is fine!
?Open the site! Click here? and here?! Oh, c?mon, faster, you piece of filth! SEE IT? It doesn?t work a bit! Half of the visitors aren?t able to see the older …
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The job application

?Salary ? 1500 per week - no special experience required - non-allergic to latex. Call us today.?
Desdemona read this job offer in the local newspaper with interest ? she was looking for a job since two month but had no success at all.
,That is my chance. 1500 ? per week - great - but what does this latex-thing mean?? she was asking herself.
She called the number shown in the add and had an appointment fixed …
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The visitor - part I

It was one of those hot and sunny days on rubber-island. Lady Desdemona was sitting in front of her fetish castle and the sun was already burning on her completely rubberised body for several hours.
Each breath was accompanied by a gargling noise of the breathing bag attached to her mask due to sweat and spit accumulating in the rubber bladder. The air she was breathing was becoming hotter and stickier each minute and the glasses …
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Yulefest, a pagan Festival, that celebrates the winter solstice, is by far the highest and holiest feast of old Germanic history. During the thirteen nights of Yule, all the worlds meet in their main halls, the god/esses and the dead walk freely and those folk who are closest to the Otherworld may leave their human selves altogether to become the riders of the Wild Hunt. But Yule is also the time of the greatest feasting …
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Bad dreams

She watched him from high above. Standing at the rim of the cliff she saw him lying on the water-smoothed rock. He wasn?t moving now, but she knew the narcotic she put into his glass would subside in a few minutes. The sun was standing high at the sky and burned the ground like a blaze. Here at her position a cooling wind moved the air, but down there on these black rocks she knew …
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The fictitious diary of B. and K. - Episode 1: Locate the vibrator

With the condom in her hand that was filled with the cum of his previous climax she slowly explored the wet hole of his mouth. He made muffled sounds, moaning under her touch and the humming of the strong vibrator.

With a broad smile she remembered the past hours of this sexy game with her ?toy?-friend. They never met before and this hotel room was their first experience together. Her instructions were clear - he had …
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We bid thee welcome

This is the new blog and diary of Kerberos&Belkelel - true young rubber enthusiasts.

We do not wish to make much words, the introduction of ours is carried out in the form of pictures.

Just as much: Be aware of what may come!
And btw: people who seem to be of interest for us are more than welcome to take part in our project. Feel free to contact us!

Have fun and let us know what you think! :-)
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