The visitor - part I

It was one of those hot and sunny days on rubber-island. Lady Desdemona was sitting in front of her fetish castle and the sun was already burning on her completely rubberised body for several hours.
Each breath was accompanied by a gargling noise of the breathing bag attached to her mask due to sweat and spit accumulating in the rubber bladder. The air she was breathing was becoming hotter and stickier each minute and the glasses of her mask started to get foggy. What made her situation a bit more exciting was a little lock at her necklace made it impossible for her to leave her sweaty prison.?
,If PeerGynt doesn?t show up within the next hour I will not be able to see the surprise at all !? she thought to her outmost regret. Her master of pleasure had left early that morning: ?I am going to the harbour ? a new toy for you has arrived. It won?t take long ? see you later.? This was his only comment when he left and Desdemona became more and more curious the longer it take him to return to her.
Looking out of the window, she could see a large part of the island and her thoughts began to float.?

The sun had passed the highest point already, when she heard a car arriving.?A few minutes later, PeerGynt approached her: His body was fully covered by the heavy blow-up-rubbersuit and a gasmask.
?How are you doing, my dear? Everything O.K.?? he asked.
?This suit is so hot and sticky - where have you been that long??
?I have got a present for you ? come with me!?, he responded - not forgetting to play with her air supply.
When they arrived at the atrium of the manor, Desdemona could see a person dressed as a black rubber doll waiting. The doll was wearing a one-piece doll suit made of thick black latex. Mouth and crotch were covered with pink condoms. The two large breasts looked like black mountains.
,Perfectly matching the other black mountains on the island?, Desdemona thought.
When they came nearer, Desdemona realized, that the girl captured in that suit was completely blindfolded. She seemed to be breathing through two tiny little holes for her nose ? everything else was completely separated from the outer world.
?It?s all yours, Desdemona. You always wanted a puppet to play with and here we are. Don?t ask her anything ? due to the rubber in her mouth you would not understand her. She will visit us for as long as you like. Have fun.?
Desdemona was stunned. ,How can one endure in a suit like that for more than a few minutes??, she was asking herself.
?For how long can she stand this??, Desdemona wondered. ?Well, she was shipped by her master two days ago ? as far as I know??
?Are you thirsty, my dear??, Desdemona addressed her new toy. All she heard was a spluttering voice from inside the rubber mask. Suddenly the hands of the doll moved to the throat of Desdemona?
?How about showing her around a bit??, PeerGynt joked - knowing she would not be able to see anything. ?Let?s have a tour through the castle. You may play your games later.?
PeerGynt was pleased to see that Desdemonas rebreather bag began to pump in a higher frequency when he was proposing this. ,Must have been the right present this time?, he nodded with satisfaction.
The tour through the manor took quite some time.
When showing the visitor around, Desdemona noticed that she became more and more aroused when she was looking at that poor girl in her doll suit. Both ladies wanted to play, but it was too early and the master of pleasure had to go in between knowing that things for the ladies were becoming hotter and hotter every minute.
After quite?a while Desdemona told the doll to?come nearer?and started to discover the two condoms in the suit. The mouth was completely sealed with rubber from the inside and the rubber lips were made of a thick ring with the diameter of a well sized cock.
?The upper hole seems to be more an opportunity for you!?, she laughed at PeerGynts direction. When she entered into the condom between the legs with her finger, the doll started to moan with pleasure.
?The lady seems to be fine in there. Time to play! Would you be so kind to help me to keep her busy in both holes?? she was asking her husband. ?Will be a pleasure ? please excuse me for a minute.?
A few moments later, Desdemona had inserted her double-dildo in her crotch and was sitting on her new toy penetrating the doll.
Both ladies were moaning loud already, when PeerGynt had finished his preparations. His cock was now covered with black latex and was hanging outside his rubber suit.
He penetrated the upper hole immediately. Making it slightly more difficult for the doll to breath through her nose, the doll started to struggle?
One hour later

Desdemona has had a lot lot of fun. And she knew, the doll has had a good time,too.

?Time to reward her for her obedient services?, Desdemona said. ?I can not see the girl suffering any longer in her tight doll suit. She did not eat or drink for more than a day now. Could you give me the keys, please. I think it is time to release her.?
?Oh, I am sorry I have forgotten to tell you ? but the shipping agency made a mistake and failed to the deliver the keys. Those are still?left at the other island. However ? maybe we should have a swim in the pool to allow her to cool down a bit. Should be rewarding enough for today. What do you think? And how about you changing your suit also??Men should never take a swim with one rubber doll when two are available??

To be continued...

? 2009 by PeerGynt
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» Hi-Tex-La wrote on December, 08th 2012 | 18:26
As a means of replacing Rubber Dolls lost body fluids I suggest that she be provided the Golden Nectar via her doners bladder whereby she drinks upon command until empty.
» rubbysuit wrote on July, 11th 2011 | 07:30
Please, may I have more, please.
» zacky wrote on November, 17th 2010 | 05:18
perfect pic,gogogo!
» la-tro wrote on July, 05th 2009 | 18:13
real great pictures!!!
Pretty cool
» Buc wrote on March, 21th 2009 | 00:43
Love the opening lines; they capture the pleasure of long enclosure.
The light on the suits looks perfect. What happens next? Well done.
» KinkyCouple wrote on March, 04th 2009 | 18:39
The sun shine on the black suit's is just beautiful.
great doll !
» kingzot wrote on February, 02th 2009 | 22:11
Great pictures! NIce rubberdoll you have ;)
Pretty cool
» Buc wrote on January, 26th 2009 | 11:09
Intrested to see what happens next
» latexsafi wrote on January, 20th 2009 | 23:03
Looking forward to the next installment
Pretty cool
» Monxini wrote on January, 19th 2009 | 22:34
Good job

keep going!!
» paradiso wrote on January, 19th 2009 | 19:44
I really loved the article and the photos are amazing. Keep up the good work
» latexa wrote on January, 19th 2009 | 19:27
tres belle photos, continuer !!

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