Experiments in masturbation - Part II

Tonight we thought about trying the low light capabilities of the 5D mk II. As you can see, the result is more than awesome, only five candles and an oil lamp illuminated the scene. But that?s enough on the technical site?

Belkelel continued her trial and was able to progress - 30 seconds! :-) 30 seconds aren?t nearly enough. When extrapolating this progress she would have to endure for four and a half minute in the …
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Experiments in masturbation - Part I

Some days ago an interesting idea struck my mind.
After visiting our favourite latex store in Berlin, BlackStyle, we were able to bring some handy items home, amongst others a smooth and tight latex hood for Belkelel. No openings at all, only for the nose. Being at home we tried the hood immediately. I really love the sight of such featureless black rubber heads, one instantly wants to touch and caress it. I let her …
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Deadly pool games - Part I

Please excuse this late update, but this month wasn?t much time for the necessary fun, at least not with resulting photos and stories! ;-) Fortunately Lady Desdemona and PeerGynt brought back some amazing news from their recent vacation - the adventures of the secret service commander Laura Tias. :-)
Have a lot of fun and we would be very happy to read one or another comment!
So here it comes - Deadly pool games, first part of …
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