Experiments in masturbation - Part II

Tonight we thought about trying the low light capabilities of the 5D mk II. As you can see, the result is more than awesome, only five candles and an oil lamp illuminated the scene. But that?s enough on the technical site?

Belkelel continued her trial and was able to progress - 30 seconds! :-) 30 seconds aren?t nearly enough. When extrapolating this progress she would have to endure for four and a half minute in the airtight predicament, that awaits her at the fifth day of testing. Perhaps she will surprise me! I?m really satisfied with this development, it seems there is enough room for a proper punishment at the sixth day! ;-)

Not much text today, it?s already quite late and the video is rendering. So, we hope you have much fun with this update and perhaps it quickens your fantasies as much as it does for us. And, if anybody has ideas for improvements, just let us know, it may be that we consider it for the next test.

Good night and good luck and as usual - comments, comments, comments, please comment! :-D
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» latextex wrote on January, 31th 2010 | 01:36
Belkelel masturbates wonderfully in the latex hood. Six minutes and 20 seconds is excellent, even if it is not air tight.
» rubbertoy wrote on October, 13th 2009 | 10:02
Wondering video, i would love to see her in that hood and then bagged with a clear bag over the top whilst she masturbates.
» Chrissiebee wrote on October, 01th 2009 | 23:30
I know I would come really quickly in this situation, you would have to tie my wrists to make it more difficult for me!
» Odysseus wrote on September, 07th 2009 | 22:54
As a little punishment for next time: Why not allowing her to use only one hand? And it does matter which one! I´m sure with one of her hands she is better than with the other one. Depending on her progress it could be the left or the right one.
» bobmer wrote on August, 03th 2009 | 12:06
» LTXBAT wrote on June, 21th 2009 | 18:50
would like to see her in full enclosure....
» scubadubidoo wrote on June, 16th 2009 | 22:34
very nice!

um, you ask for suggestion? i would love a fullfacemask and a regulator for some nice breathing sounds :-)
» helix2753 wrote on June, 13th 2009 | 23:36
Aweseome. Brilliant concept, love the hood, it is possible she is enjoying it too much and pleasure overrides the prospect of punishment
» INTUITUPERSOANE wrote on June, 10th 2009 | 21:43
I cannot sse the video? What plug in does it require?
» gumminut wrote on June, 05th 2009 | 17:03
this one is more meditative and hypnotic..and such lustful camera work..superb!
» Max wrote on June, 01th 2009 | 23:31
Wow! only 30 seconds improvement! That's a shame! Belkelel, you really need to improve or you will be punished badly by him! :(

But I really hope that he's very happy with the scene! Maybe he will be gentile this time. :D

Good luck with your training to the ultimate goal, my dear Belkelel!
» hiro wrote on June, 01th 2009 | 15:18
breathtaking - but sadly 30 shorter than the last one ?
» LadyArrakis wrote on May, 30th 2009 | 09:23
no comment, I'm speachless!
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