It is war! - Part I

So, today, as announced some weeks ago, we are going to post the first small bunch of our great weekend at the ?Beelitz Heilstaetten?.
This time we want you to immerse yourself into a virtual world, far away in another galaxy, at another time. A world full of violence, blood, war and, of course, darkest sexual carnage. Hoping to transport a bit (really, only a bit, we don?t have that heavy weaponry available at the moment) …
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Introduction of Samauth

If you go back one blog entry, most of you will have noticed the great pictures of a dolly walking her well-behaved puppy. We are sure, that many of you loved it and perhaps you loved it that much that you are simply speechless! ;-)
A bit out of chronological order, we showed you there the last photo session we did during our grand ?Beelitz Heilstaetten? weekend. As we mentioned before, an awesome place for photos …
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Walking the dog

?Yes, mistress!? ?Of course, mistress!? ?Gladly, mistress!? ?Without delay, mistress!? - somehow this guy was beginning to bore her. He was one of the most obliging of her customers, but also the most uninspiring one. The rules he set up at his first day was a slave contract of approximately forty pages. Nearly every possible delict had been listed in this ?opus? with its corresponding punishment, but each of these lines, written by himself in …
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The introduction of Clarissa

As it seems, the phenomenon of the so-called female rubber dolls is spreading in the last years, thanks to the ever growing selection of gorgeous female rubber clothing, manufacturing service providers creating nearly everything a human mind can imagine and, most important, the people, who - first - love the look and - second - are craving for ?hiding? inside these artificial hulls, changing their Identities, not being able to recognise themselves in a mirror …
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