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If you go back one blog entry, most of you will have noticed the great pictures of a dolly walking her well-behaved puppy. We are sure, that many of you loved it and perhaps you loved it that much that you are simply speechless! ;-)
A bit out of chronological order, we showed you there the last photo session we did during our grand ?Beelitz Heilstaetten? weekend. As we mentioned before, an awesome place for photos and videos.
But today we take the opportunity to introduce to you the young and very talented photographer who did all the work behind the camera.
His name on this site will be [music appears - search at Youtube for ?Also sprach Zarathustra? from Richard Strauss]


I'm the photographer Samauth and currently I'm a student of cinematography in the Netherlands. Almost a year ago I virtually met Kerberos and since then we chatted a lot. In fact, I have to say we chatted almost every day. I have told him about my interests and the hobbies I have. Many of them are his interests, too, like photography and the rubber fetish. After some months of chatting we finally met in person during the Fetish Evolution Expo 2009 in Essen. More or less instantly we became good friends, which is still improving. Talking about nonsense wasn't an exception. And indeed we shot many pictures and had much fun!
Up to now I have shot nearly forty gigabytes of raw pictures with Kerberos' camera. My own is just a Canon 40D. It is nothing, compared with Kerberos' camera! He got a Canon 5D mark II. *drool*
Believe me, this piece of technology is awesome! Because if you have it in your hands, you will adore it instantly! If you are a photographer, you will understand it immediately. Surely, Nikon users prefer their own brand, but these cameras aren't made for my long fingers.
I almost always take pictures under uncontrolled natural light conditions, because studio lighting looks too artificial to me. It is easy to take pictures with studio flashes in most situations, but my real challenge lies in taking beautiful pictures under natural light I find at the location. Using this light in a proper way can be very hard. Sometimes I am not patient enough, but after lots of experimentation there is always a way to an exceptional result. Sometimes really satisfying!
My style is very different. I often choose an angled view, sometimes from below. I think this is very dynamic and powerful. Sometimes my pictures are dark and very colourful and sometimes my pictures are scary. Or, as an exact antithesis, it is very romantic like the previous update ?Walking the dog?". I believe my pseudonym is very much connected to this style.
The pictures right here are the pictures I made before I met Kerberos. These are ?studio? pictures, because before I didn?t dare to take photos outside. It simply was scaring me to death!
Kerberos and Belkelel helped me a lot to dare to take pictures outside and to accept that we would be seen by those innocent mortals which are wandering around us. We were seen multiple times while I was taking pictures of models who were completely covered in rubber. Strange enough, most people smiled to us or just ignored us. It was very important for me to learn to accept that I am going to be seen during such kinky shootings. Otherwise I would be unable to take pictures or even be ashamed of what I was doing.
Nevertheless I am very proud of the results! You have seen one series of pictures. There are coming a lot more series soon and I am really sure you will love them!

With my best regards,
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Pretty cool
» MorticiaLatex wrote on November, 28th 2009 | 23:58
Very promising photographer. My partner and I are both interested in photography, but are very limited by our early (primitive) and inexpensive camera. Some day...
» Machina wrote on August, 26th 2009 | 16:45
amazing as always my gummi friends ;D
» hiro wrote on August, 25th 2009 | 22:07
i like to suggest a better headline: prepare to be amazed ?
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