Walking the dog

?Yes, mistress!? ?Of course, mistress!? ?Gladly, mistress!? ?Without delay, mistress!? - somehow this guy was beginning to bore her. He was one of the most obliging of her customers, but also the most uninspiring one. The rules he set up at his first day was a slave contract of approximately forty pages. Nearly every possible delict had been listed in this ?opus? with its corresponding punishment, but each of these lines, written by himself in his beautiful, accurate hand, was wasted! None of these delicts have ever occurred during the last two years he was serving his mistress.

He had been serving her and a couple of selected guests a whole evening without flaws. The salon had been a very successful soiree and he, in a very discreet manner, eloquent and skilful, as her guests would never have expected from a mere slave. And he was so agile! Somewhere on page 16 or 17 of the contract was something written about the usage as a servant during social events. If there is any guest with an empty glass he will have to refill it within six minutes, if the guest requires it. He made it! Every time! It was part of the contract, too, that she isn?t allowed to talk about the contract to others, but even when she tried to bring him over the magical six minutes - he always managed to prance around the guests and be at her glass in time, whereas Sylvia, the personal slave of one of the guests, had a really hard time to just focus onto her own master.

He opened her corset and the knee-high boots, slowly and carefully rolled the latex nylon-like stockings down her adorable long legs and was, when she was taking her bath, in the bathroom, serving her some grapes. She felt very lonely. She tried to relax in the warm water, of course perfectly temperated by him, and floated some seconds under the surface.
It made her sick. He was a perverted version of a modern slave. He was a gentleman and servant, assistant and?

She quietly sighed and he immediately got into his ?attention? posture. This finally was too much! Her glance pointed at the floor before his feet, he instantly kneeled, upper torso erect, the hands on his back. Page 3, ?8.
?Slave, do you like your life??
?Yes, I do, mistress!? - quick like a shot.
?Are you happy??
?My bliss is to serve you for your pleasure, mistress!?
?How often did I have to whip you for a delict??
?Never until this time, mistress!?
She closed her eyes, submerged again and brushed her wet hair back in a very stern manner. She got out of the tub without giving him a sign to move. So he remained silent and motionless, still on his knees, not looking upwards. Page 5 or 6: If he has to strike his submissive pose he will have to remain there until he is allowed by his mistress to do otherwise.
She dried her skin and applied some creme with a subtle fragrance. He still wasn?t looking upwards to her, didn?t move a muscle. *sigh* He nearly didn?t move, but if he hadn?t got an erection at the mere look onto his naked mistress, she would surely have kicked him out of her house long ago. Page 2, ?61: The mistress is in the position to command over the potency of her slave and use him for every form of sexual satisfaction. ?62: The slave has the right to come by himself, but doing so without permission would result in ten blows with the cane.

She laid herself onto the sofa and waited some minutes, playing with herself. She called for him and ordered him to lick her properly, then to fuck her. Both he did with real devotion and although she already had come two times, she denied him his own climax. Page 2, ?66 or ?67: If the mistress experiences at least one orgasm through penetration the slave will have the right to have one, too.
?No!? She kicked him back with her foot. ?Down!? He obeyed, kneeled down before her feet, the hands on his back, his body trembling.
He wasn?t a masochist. He wasn?t even submissive. For a short moment she laughed aloud when she could finally see in her mind the answer to this eternal question ?Why??. Why a contract of forty pages when he never does anything wrong?
?A rubber doll!? She laughed at him. ?You pubescent idiot! I am your mindless rubber doll! I am not able to decide freely, to act freely! This whole contract is your fuckin? fantasy, your setting for your satisfaction!?
His cheekbones became whiter, he pressed his jaws together and the muscles of his arms where trembling.
?Where it is written that you are allowed to satisfy me when you are serving me for more than two hours in an environment created by myself??
?Page 31, ?12, mistress.?
?Fuck!? She kicked a pillow aside.

What did annoy her most of all? That this topping from the bottom over all these months made her hot in secret or that he did not object when she degraded herself to a rubber doll. Perhaps this absurd situation could be turned around?

?Why are you kneeling??
?Because you commanded me to do so, mistress.?
?Did I? How??
He was thinking. ?You kicked me back and commanded ?Down?.?
?And ?Down!? is a carefully written command on which page??, she asked sarcastically.
He was thinking longer now. ?There is no such rule for the command ?Down!?.?, he answered, slightly irritated?

When he, some minutes later, was laying in her arms, crying hot tears and rubbing his glowing bottom for the first time in his life, she asked him again gently if he was happy. Carefully he answered, that he would trust her absolutely, that his job as an investment banker, where he was handling Millions of Euros, the savings of hundreds of families, was bringing him to his personal limits. But in her care he was able to put the responsibility for himself on her and this was making him happy.

He was laying there in her arms for a half of an hour. As long as he has been with her now she never had seen him like that, craving for nearness. In his heart he wasn?t a slave. He didn?t want to be punished for disobedience, the only thing he wanted was to put responsibility aside and do something for the joy of his mistress.
?Stay!?, she said, when she got up and he stayed.
?Yes!?, she smiled and went to the bedroom. Later she called for him and when he came in he found her near the bed, a large wicker basket in front of it, a blanket in it and a bowl filled with water.
?Down!?, she said again, pointing to the basket and he obeyed, silently?

At the next morning he was still laying huddled in the basket. She got up, made herself a breakfast and was dreaming with open eyes. She went to her dressing room and slipped into her black latex catsuit. Much to seldom she was able to follow her pleasure regarding her fetish, to feel the rubber on her naked skin. After pulling the corresponding corset tight around her waist and got into her boots, she went to her slave. Seeing him still asleep she awoke him with a sharp whistle.
?We are going out for a walk!?, she told him shortly and threw a black bag onto the bed, left the room, eventually feeling butterflies in her belly again.
She was sitting at the window, drinking some juice, when he was coming on all four into the kitchen. The catsuit was a perfect fit, his boots were already on his feet, the knee pads at the right place. With the paw gloves she had to help him. Neither was he able to pull them on by himself nor to remove them. She complimented him on his behaviour, patted his back. He was looking at her full of expectation.
?No contract!?, she whispered into his ear, he nodded.
She took from the table the toys she had already prepared, pulled a tight dog mask made of latex over his head and applied the posture collar around his neck. Because of the paws he would have to be a dog as long as she wished him to be. She snapped a leash onto his collar.
?Is this good??, she asked him and he answered with a nod, again.
Smiling she straightened herself, took another rubber hood and pulled it over her own head. After having adjusted the eyes, nose and mouth she asked again.
?Woof woof!?, was his excited answer.
?Then let?s walk the dog!?

Photographs and editing by Samauth
Story by Hiro, translated to English by Kerberos
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» Machina wrote on August, 26th 2009 | 16:46
Bizarre and Fantastic!! Wonderful images darlings
Pretty cool
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A sweet but bizarre look. All we need now is for you meet a ponygirl. LOL
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