Experiments in masturbation - Part I

Some days ago an interesting idea struck my mind.
After visiting our favourite latex store in Berlin, BlackStyle, we were able to bring some handy items home, amongst others a smooth and tight latex hood for Belkelel. No openings at all, only for the nose. Being at home we tried the hood immediately. I really love the sight of such featureless black rubber heads, one instantly wants to touch and caress it. I let her have some fun with herself and while watching her, I had the idea to enclose her in that hood with her heavy stainless steel collar. Perhaps you remember, we ordered it at the Fetish Evolution Expo some weeks ago. A really fine piece of craftsmanship, Hans of SM-Factory did a very good job.
After clicking the collar shut she was ?forced? to cum as fast as possible before she would be allowed to remove the collar and the hood. No problem at all, this setting was a mental flush for her. :-)

But now I had to think about this situation. So sexy and helpless she looked! And why not increase the thresholds before she would be allowed to get out of the hood. So I set up a trial for her, a trial of special magnificence. Every time, she wears the hood and the collar, she would have to improve the time before she cums, the faster the better. If she ever reaches a certain time, we set it around one minute, she will have to wear an airtight hood or bag and the collar the next time. This could be challenging and it is scary for her, but we both are confident of her passing this test! :-)

Of course, all this stuff is nothing without the right documentation. I don?t just want to tell you the results, I will show it to you as well! Because we got a new camera some months ago, a Canon EOS 5D mkII, we are able to capture FullHD video footage. Here you will get to see a smaller version and some bigger screen shots. The whole setting is very authentic and that?s why we don?t do any post processing or editing, at least not for this series. We think of five days of testing, so if she isn?t capable of reaching this specific threshold it will be very hard for her to prevent that I have(!) to free her before she is finished.
I will think of a proper punishment, then! :-)

So, here it comes, first try, around 6,5 minutes before climax. Much too long!
Most likely we will do the next one tomorrow evening and perhaps are able to upload it in time, but then you will have to wait for some days - German Fetish Ball is quite near!

Have fun watching the video and as usual, comments are more than welcome!
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» jdawg569 wrote on August, 28th 2012 | 13:15
so hot wish mouth was down there
» testos wrote on July, 12th 2010 | 20:22
ich find die Kapuze perfekt an Belkelel...
sehr schlicht, gute Passform und Belkelel scheints auch zu gefallen
Vielleicht h?en die Nasen?ungen noch n bisschen abgedeckt werden k?n (aber so, das sie nicht erstickt)
» robocop wrote on July, 11th 2010 | 04:08
Excellent video, I would like to buy the same hood at Blackstyle. Is it the same hood?
40563 Collared latex mask, closed
I would like to know which size is it for Belkelel.
Thank you and keep up the good work!
» robocop wrote on January, 11th 2010 | 14:36
Amazing video!
» rainier wrote on November, 03th 2009 | 02:15
Superb quality. Awesome stuff you guys are making here! The video from 5D mark II ?
» Chrissiebee wrote on October, 01th 2009 | 23:23
Gods this is stunning. I've only just worn a hood for the first time and having someone to train me like this would be incredible, keep it up and stretch her limits xXx
» Cagoule wrote on September, 22th 2009 | 18:02
Great work miss
» bobmer wrote on August, 03th 2009 | 11:59
Wow, awesome.... Fantastic Rubber sells en neckentry suit wit attached open faced hood. Made of thin latex the body is enveloped in yearningly stretching embrace. Without any zipper there is only elasticity, you can feel anything trough this thin latex skin. Of you like its possible to make a slit in the crotch area thats invisible when the legs are closed. But i myself prefer the totally closed one. Nozipper = only elastic 2nd skin! Thanks for your enticing video :-)
» sjcosh wrote on July, 16th 2009 | 04:56
Hi all and thanks for letting me into your worl, i must say that this vid is fantastic, great work, i would love to see her try it waith a bag, it will definitly make her cum faster.

Keep up the great work :-)
» Boris wrote on June, 21th 2009 | 12:42
hello and thanks for letting me in this great community. That mask is really fantastic ! I experience the same problem as associates.

Rubbered regards,

» associates wrote on June, 20th 2009 | 20:50
I cannot see the video, am I doing something wrong? When told to login I do, then the picture of the video disappears. Please help.

Kind regards
» Kerberos wrote on June, 08th 2009 | 09:33
Thank you!
And yes, latex gloves would improve the time, but it would change the terms! :-)
Don't know if I could risk that?
» shinydelight wrote on June, 08th 2009 | 09:01
Very impressive indeed. Give her some latex gloves and it will reduce the time for sure!

Congratulations with the site BTW, awesome!!
» gummitaucher wrote on June, 04th 2009 | 17:22
fantastic - thanks for sharing

You should have her holding her breath as long as she can while doing the stunt under the airtight hood.
» mikeone wrote on June, 03th 2009 | 18:10
Hey there fetish couple.
That is so nasty to watch a girl come by herself, and then on top of that clad in a latexhood !!
Keep up that good work and you will have a certain fan in me :-)
» BritBastard wrote on June, 02th 2009 | 21:37
I agree with everyone else - a great little video. :)
Thanks so much for sharing it.
» darkmatrixx wrote on May, 31th 2009 | 11:08
That's a great video ... Thanks for sharing it
» Buc wrote on May, 28th 2009 | 18:03
A remarkable video and brave one; for you to show a glimpse your real world on the net. Well done, you have advanced the fetish cause. I/ we look forward to more.
» Max wrote on May, 28th 2009 | 16:01
This is one of the best additions you could do for this awesome site. I'm sure this feature is going to impress a lot of fetish addicts!

I'm looking froward for more movies.
I wish you to have a lot of fun this weekend in Berlin!
» hiro wrote on May, 28th 2009 | 01:05
i like to request a 6th star for rating a post!
this is the most amazing update on this site since launch:
? the heavy steel color i love ?
? a adorable nearly breath-play-mask ?
? briliant video-content wich looks amazing crisp
? and the scene !

it is that way authentic that the borders between fiction and reality tend to shift and your former obviously fictional posts becomes more authenticity ?
you did both: introduce a new authentic part of the diary and a new technology by adding video-content. great - and: it was worth to wait ?
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