Deadly pool games - Part I

Please excuse this late update, but this month wasn?t much time for the necessary fun, at least not with resulting photos and stories! ;-) Fortunately Lady Desdemona and PeerGynt brought back some amazing news from their recent vacation - the adventures of the secret service commander Laura Tias. :-)
Have a lot of fun and we would be very happy to read one or another comment!
So here it comes - Deadly pool games, first part of three!


?Damn shit! This little intruder in my crotch is not alive ? that would definitely be more fun.?
Commander Laura Tias laid on a little rubber boat drifting in the calm waters of the large pool of her private villa. A glass of champagne in her left hand and a pump ball of a rubber dildo in her left.

She worked as a special agent for a division of her countries secret service that protected high-tech companies against industrial espionage. Her last job was really hard, it lasted for more than 5 weeks and she got almost killed when chasing a Russian spy ring trying to steal the blueprints of a new microchip. But after all it was a stunning success for her ? worth all the efforts.
Now she was on holiday. Her boss told her not to show up earlier then in 4 weeks time. And it sounded more like a threat than an appeal.

?Ugh, two more weeks to go and things already start to get a bit boring?, she thought when looking at the reflections of the sunlight on the surface of the water. In the morning she had decided to wear her favourite rubber catsuit. She liked the slippery feeling on the skin when sun bathing in latex. She had inserted a large blow up dildo to increase her feelings, but right now she was missing a real cock belonging to a real man. Like most agents she was single because a long term relationship and her job simply did not match.
?Okay Laura, time to have some action or you are going to become mad. How about some underwater fun in SCUBA-gear??, she asked herself. She liked the soft pressure of the water against her rubber suit and the movements of her legs, that were necessary when wearing fins, doubled the joy of a dildo. Breathing the dry and cool air from a SCUBA-regulator when becoming hot and hotter in her brain further enhanced her pleasure.

Five minutes later she was carrying her diving equipment to the pool site. Like everything Laura owned, it was somehow special. A twin-hose regulator that was connected with a diving helmet, made of very thick rubber. Her service provided it a few years ago, when she had to enter a submarine undercover, to bring back some stolen papers. It looked vintage, but it was the latest in diving technology, enabling the diver to go down to at least 600 feet. When she had finished that job, she asked if she could keep the equipment, because she liked the large visor of the rubber helmet.

She checked the tank and the regulator and nipped on another glass of champagne before putting the fins on. Then she jumped into the crystal-clear blue water.
?Always the same thing. When you are diving, the dildo becomes smaller due to the increasing pressure of the environment!?, she thought and made the dildo regain its former size with some energetic squeezes of the pump ball. She had discovered a very special method to get an orgasm: Going up and down in the pool made the dildo changing its size accordingly ? it felt a bit like this thing was alive.

Because she was so busy with herself under water, she could not see that something strange was happening in her garden. A man completely encased in very tight black latex was sneaking around the corner in the direction of the pool. When he opened the door to the pool area without any noise, one could see an erected large cock fighting against the tight rubber. He was carrying a pair of strange looking rubber gloves in his hands. When he reached the pool site, he could see Laura at the bottom of the pool and the exceptional large amount of air bubbles reaching the surface made him believe that she was having a good time.

?You seem to be a real rubber slut, my dear and there is always a way to bring things to perfection??, he thought with a smile in his rubberised face.

To be continued?

? 2009 by Lady Desdemona & PeerGynt
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» peccator wrote on October, 03th 2010 | 17:47
Nice shooting. I like this diving-related fetish-stuff very much. This is a little bit like hapwater^^
» bcostco619 wrote on June, 24th 2009 | 20:34
Looks like plenty of fun!
» james and Lizzie wrote on June, 23th 2009 | 06:57
Wow! fantastic story and pix...Now for the second part hmm....
» Varth wrote on June, 11th 2009 | 23:48
Give the rating to the whole set. I can tell you I love the whole series.
» Buc wrote on May, 28th 2009 | 17:47
A very interesting start, I look forward to the 2nd part. Wonderful diving helmet
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