MISTRESS is angry. Oh, you are very angry. Something does not work.
?You fuckin? bitch! Can?t you see, it?s not working at all! CAN?T YOU SEE IT??
She is shouting at me. I do not know anything about a problem. It is all working. Everything is fine!
?Open the site! Click here? and here?! Oh, c?mon, faster, you piece of filth! SEE IT? It doesn?t work a bit! Half of the visitors aren?t able to see the older entries! Can you explain it to me? HMMM??
MISTRESS is still shouting. These thick gloves I have to wear do not make it easier to follow your instructions. The keys are so small. Haha, and good joke! You know as well as I that I cannot explain it, because I am not able to do it. This huge gag in my mouth efficiently prevents any noise I could make. But a ?hmmpff? will make you happy.
?Shut up! Do you expect that I want to hear anything of your senseless stammering? Work this problem out or you?ll get a punishment that you won?t forget for a long time! Don?t look at me like an idiot! BEGIN!?
Ok, let?s start then. If the user clicks on this link, hmm? aha? I see?


What the hell is MISTRESS doing? A gas mask! Want it harder for me, eh! Yeah, I like how you treat me.
?I can see it in your eyes that you?re happy about your predicament! But I will tell you something: If you don?t finish this mess in an hour, the air supply of your gas mask will be cut in steps. 50% less flow each ten minutes! Let?s see how you can cope with this! Don?t gawk at me, your time is already counting, my dear rubber slut! I?m sure, you?ll like this enhancement of your situation, too!?
Damn, MISTRESS knows how to treat me! I can hear you purring, my adorable GODDESS! You are satisfied with this situation and so am I! Yeah, I am deserving this punishment, thank you very much for giving me the chance to correct the failures!

Ok, dear visitors! I have things to do! MISTRESS is angry and my time is counting faster than I would like. Do not want to suffocate because of my own insufficiency. Perhaps we will see us later! Hmm, have to do a mental list:
- the mouse-over popup window in the timeline is not working in every browser, so clicking on a month should produce a list with all entries of this month
- the password recovery, too, has to be corrected?
?STILL NOT WORKING, BITCH? The timer is counting?

? 2009 by Kerberos
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» rubberlover77 wrote on December, 19th 2010 | 06:17
so einen arbeitsplatz suche ich schon lange...perfekt!
» Kerberos wrote on April, 19th 2010 | 20:59
Blind typing with 10 fingers isn't a problem at all, but one has to see the result! So a blindfold could be counterproductive! :-)
» rlovelace wrote on April, 19th 2010 | 20:47
That's almost perfect rubber restraint, from my perspective. Of course a blindfold will be necessary at some point.
» rlovelace wrote on August, 30th 2009 | 23:16
Excellent; the wide-eyed gag look and the nifty shoulder -covering cowl plus a thick muzzle all add up to heavy bdsm.
» fabrice wrote on March, 22th 2009 | 18:26
very subtil art rubber time !
» hiro wrote on January, 31th 2009 | 21:01
Dear Visitor,

it is a great honor to read this storry and i like to tell you why: it's because it's a true storry about the way this site was build. i like to hijack this comment-field for now to introduce myself. i'm the developer of this site and to work for Belkelel & Kerberos is a mixture of pleasure and pain ?

i'll write something about the hours i was enslave to present different fonts for the logo-sign and how often i heared some citics from Belkelel: ?to round?, ?to light?, ?to bold?, ?not dark enough?, ?to grunge? - Belkelel has her own ideas ?

hmm - hmm - maybe - i think - i should stop here - on the other hand, the air supply-mechanism has it's own excitement ?

so - yesterday i had to fix some bugs they discovered. i swar, it was my intention to anger my principals but it turns out that there was no function implemented to change your password or to recall a activation-email. Now you can type in your email in login-form. If your account is already know but not activated, you'll automaticly get a new activation-mail. After reciving your new password, you can now realy change at your profile-page.

Today i add the ability for my sovereign to add ?static pages? so they will be able to write some non-blog-pages like a ?mission statement?, a link-list or a contact-page.

so i've only 22 tickets open to fulfill the contract - and if all issues are compleated before they add new issues i can quit ?

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