The job application

?Salary ? 1500 per week - no special experience required - non-allergic to latex. Call us today.?
Desdemona read this job offer in the local newspaper with interest ? she was looking for a job since two month but had no success at all.
,That is my chance. 1500 ? per week - great - but what does this latex-thing mean?? she was asking herself.
She called the number shown in the add and had an appointment fixed for the next day. Even when she found it a bit strange that the person was not willing to give her any more details about the job on the phone, she was looking forward to the meeting.
When she showed up the next day she found out, that the address was located in a somehow remote and very old industrial area of the town. She rang the doorbell and a good looking young woman opened the door within seconds.
?Hello, we have been expecting you, please come in.?
Without any further circumstances the woman addressed the topic Desdemona was most interested in:
?You maybe wondering about the attractive salary and about what we are doing here. This factory produces a special kind of gas made of a tropical tree. The gas is used for medical purposes but it is toxic if you are exposed to it directly. Therefore you have to wear special protective clothing at work, which doesn?t make a long working day easier.?
?No problem with me?, Desdemona said. ?I have been working in a clean room of a semiconductor company for many years. I am used to special environments.?
?O.K. It is always better to try then to talk about it. If you have brought some time I would show you around.? And the way, she emphasised these words made them sound more like an order then a question.
The two girls left the office building towards the production facility.
?There are two main areas. The wood of the tree is prepared for further treatment in the first area. The chemical process will then take place in the second area. We will have to wear latex suits all the time in order to protect our skin against the toxic substances used in the process. Have you ever worn a latex suit??
?No, I have not.?, Desdemona said reluctantly, not being able to hide her surprise. ?But why not??
About 15 minutes later the bodies of both girls were completely encased in black and shiny latex and Desdemona started to be more aroused than surprised. The black rubber put a pleasing pressure on her skin and seeing the other girl in her black latex suit was also more than nice.
?How do you feel, my dear? It may be unfamiliar for you, but believe me, this will become your favourite outfit quite soon. However, this is not all of the equipment. Since we are producing gas, we need to wear gas masks in the first area we are visiting. The staff in the second area even has to wear oxygen rebreathers.?
Saying this, she was handing Desdemona a gas mask and a filter which looked like a rubber ball that had to be attached to the belt.
,Absolutely weird!?, Desdemona thought when she had covered her face with the mask. The ambient noise became remote. When she connected the filter, breathing became significantly more difficult all of a sudden.
?There are two 12 hour working shifts a day and the dayshift will be over in one hour. Let?s go!?, the girl explained. And Desdemonas strangest experience so far began.
They entered a large hall were about 20 black persons were busy to produce wooden chips out of tree trunks. The heat, the noise and the dirt were hardly to bear. When they came closer, Desdemona noted that there where two persons with wips hanging at their belts.
?Oh, we have a very strict discipline in this factory. And ambitious targets. As you can see, the high salary is not only a compensation for the restrictive outfits. Still interested to work for us??, Desdemonas guide laughed under her mask.
?I want to visit the second area.?, Desdemona answered with a hint of self assurance in her voice.
?I suppose, the 1500 bugs per week will be paid over there, right??, she was asking when one of the lead workers was starting to whip one of the girls standing at a large machine.
?Exactly, my dear! It seems to me that you are desperately needing the cash and not asking to many questions. That?s exactly what we need here.?
?No!?, Desdemona disagreed. ?Cash is not the key. It is just that I like what I see?, she added much to the surprise of her host and followed the girl to the changing room for area two.
?Look, this is the rebreathing system you will have to use. You will breath pure oxygen in a fully closed circuit. The carbon dioxide will be removed from the gas by a scrubber in your backpack. The oxygen consumed by you will be replaced continuously - but only with a constant flow. That means you ought to control your breathing, otherwise you will get in trouble. The whole system should provide you with enough oxygen for one working shift.?
The two air hoses were connected to Desdemonas mask. The fresh oxygen was cold and had a metallic taste. She got frightened because she could hear her own breath.
The girl continued: ?Concentrate in breathing deeply and slowly. Some people are facing mental problems when breathing the same air over and over again. Furthermore - the gas in your system will become warmer and more humid the longer you are using that device due to chemical reactions going on in your backpack. After one hour you will think you are breathing whipped cream. But don?t be afraid, I am sure you will adjust to it and you will begin to like it. Let me fix my own system and we can go.?
Five minutes later Desdemona was standing in the middle of a big hall. About ten workers were busy controlling two large tanks containing gas. The staff was wearing weird equipment. One guy was strolling around in a blow up latex suit. The whole setting reminded Desdemona of a James Bond movie - but this was real. ?What unsettled Desdemona most were two workers which were chained to the steel construction that was carrying one of the two tanks. One body, obviously female, was convulsing in her rubbery prison.
?Looks to me, like this poor is running out of air. See, this is our way to train our staff to economise their oxygen consumption. The constant flow of the oxygen is reduced to 50% and after one hour you will know how to save air!?, the girl laughed.
?The guy forgot to replace his carbon dioxide filter this morning, I suppose. That is the reason for his punishment. Poor man, I do not want to breathe the gas his system is delivering. But you can be sure, he will prepare his equipment more carefully for the rest of his life - if he survives today! You see, we play hardball in order to be the most productive.?
Desdemona had been started to breathe much faster when she heard these explanations and realised, that she was running low with her gas supply, too. And that made her breathe even faster.
?Caught by the vicious circle, my dear??, the girl asked. ?I told you to control your body functions. Let?s see, how this thing will come out!?, she added curiously and headed towards the two ?prisoners?.
?Look at the visors of their masks - completely steamy from the inside.? Desdemona carefully approached the female body and tried to look in her face, but all she could recognise were two dark wide eyes in a sea of steam. ,This torture must be tremendous!?, she thought and couldn?t resist to look forward to being in that situation herself?
Towards the end of the tour Desdemona sensed her gas becoming warm and humid as predicted, but she quickly came over the anxiety, which was caused by that experience.
?O.K.! You seem to adapt to this environment very quick. You may have the job. Take your time to make your mind up and call us!?, the girl said when they were back in the changing room.
?Where do I have to sign? I?d like to start tomorrow!?, Desdemona said with delight when disconnecting the air hoses with a squealing sound from her gas mask. She did not know, that she had only seen the more innocent scenes that were going on in the facility today.

? 2009 by PeerGynt
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» rubberlover77 wrote on December, 19th 2010 | 06:42
just superb....very intense!
» shania fox wrote on September, 15th 2009 | 19:46
wow a very horny picture!
Pretty cool
» Cleopatra wrote on June, 27th 2009 | 01:45
its complete lovely - gay - 2 extreme girls we lov e it!!
» paradiso wrote on June, 26th 2009 | 12:14
I absolutely loved the photos and wish I was there to share the moments with you. The story was really great and 'am sure that like me it is everyones dream to go to work in rubber, especially full enclosure.
Please keep up the good work as I love read the stories and viewing the great photos
» view wrote on June, 18th 2009 | 12:00
My dream! Full suit, sweat and limited air!
» alpharalph wrote on June, 07th 2009 | 15:13
Exceptional combination of story and photos. Lucky Desdemona getting such an enjoyable job!
» KinkyCouple wrote on March, 04th 2009 | 18:46
Desdemona has the best job ever !
» LTXBAT wrote on March, 01th 2009 | 13:05
This is the kind of a job i would do for half the price,Hell i would pay for it !!!!
» Buc wrote on January, 26th 2009 | 11:02
A dream Job, I 'm certains Desdemona will enjoy her work at this factory, I know I would! excellent
» Peergynt wrote on January, 25th 2009 | 16:44
Assorted cocktails from the last four years. Shootings were fun. It is a pity that the location was torn down in 2008.
Some pics with special thanks to - in front and behind the camera.
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