Yulefest, a pagan Festival, that celebrates the winter solstice, is by far the highest and holiest feast of old Germanic history. During the thirteen nights of Yule, all the worlds meet in their main halls, the god/esses and the dead walk freely and those folk who are closest to the Otherworld may leave their human selves altogether to become the riders of the Wild Hunt. But Yule is also the time of the greatest feasting and joy, because it is at Yule that the whole clan, living and dead, gathers as one, sure in the knowledge that even as the Sun rises every year from her greatest darkness, so there will ever be rebirth for us as well.
But this ain?t be an excursus about the old legends and myths of the heathen gods and the sacrifices made to their honour. It simply should give you a small feeling about the coldest and darkest time of the year, nevertheless the end and the beginning at the same time.

So we went at the 20th December 2008 to the Residence Avalon ( www.avalon-residenz.de ) in Berlin to partake in the ?JULFEST? that had been held there at this night. The Residence is a large S/M club in an outlying district of Berlin. Secluded in an old industry area it is located directly at the Havel. The night was cold and quite stormy, more than appropriate for this kind of event. A shuttle service brought us to the entrance and we hurried to get inside.
Here a burning fireplace dispelled the cold and the dampness. In a small changing room we slipped in our outfits, they can be seen on the left side.
The Residence is a great location, a lot of rooms with heavy equipment, jail cells and even a lockable concrete hole in the floor of the vault. Unfortunately, due to the spontaneity of our visit we didn?t have brought any toys or bondage items with us, so there weren?t many possibilities for us to play.
Some performances during the night had a lot to show for those who weren?t in the dungeons or other rooms for play. Interesting was a show of three young guys from Mexico (if I remember correctly), playing with big stainless steel hooks that one of them pierced through the flesh of the others. Sadly the author of this report wasn?t able to watch the whole show, the process of live piercing with these big hooks was a bit too much for him.


Having a good talk with good friends and some nice cool drinks the night nevertheless was really relaxing and promising for future events.
Surely this location is a great one with great possibilities. Due to the darkness and weather it wasn?t possible to use the open-air court yard, but would be during the warmer summer months an interesting option.
Perhaps we will come back in late Spring if there will be a play party again in connection with the German Fetish Ball. But that?s another story?

Photos by: Gili Shani
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» clone wrote on June, 26th 2010 | 06:11
can you help me out and tell me where i can find that mask and what it's called? ive been looking everywhere. thanks
» latexa wrote on January, 19th 2009 | 19:27
tr?belle photos, continuer.

Marc & Brigitte
» rubberxxl wrote on January, 19th 2009 | 18:48
the motiv`s are perfect, but the contrast of the pictures are to much.
» Max wrote on January, 14th 2009 | 00:44
nice pictures :D
RSS is working correctly now at Firefox :D
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