Mission statement

This is the actual commencement of our Diary: We have composed our Mission Statement!
If you want to better understand our ambitions and plans regarding this website it is essential to study our Statement! So please have a look!
You will find the link right below the Login button?

For the sake of simplicity - here the statement again:
"This is the place where we are going to explain some things to you, dear visitor, things that are important to us, that explain the ambitions of this website, so that you will be able to better understand what we want to do now and in future.
We, that are Kerberos and Belkelel, are the owners of this website. Of course, we are using nicknames to conceal our real identity, because there are at least two lives we are living and we want to keep them strictly apart. Surely there are friends and some selected acquaintances who know more?
We gave this text the name ?mission statement?, because what we have in mind with this website is some sort of a mission, in our eyes a quite ambitious project full of possibilities.
There are several points we would like to explain:
At first, a second life. We call it a ?fictitious? second life. In the first place it has nothing to do with our vanilla life or the kinky sides of us. But when looking closer the creation of a fictitious life surely interacts with our real life, somehow something like a self-fulfilling prophecy. A previously virtual life becomes some day reality because of the realisation of mere fantasies. This is quite obvious, you could think now, because without becoming reality we would have nothing to show you. Still, it remains fictitious, like a long story simply enacted by enthusiastic actors.
This brings us instantly to the next point, the visualisation of fiction or fantasies. Due to some long-term experiences in maintaining such a kinky website we found out for ourselves, that the simple shooting of an idea isn?t satisfying at the long run. We believe that the human mind needs more over time than just a feeding of the visual cortex. We think, there have to be other stimuli, too, first and foremost the stimulation of fantasy. Ok, sounds nice, you might think, and perhaps like a platitude. But simple visuals simply destroy fantasy! Look through your own vast collection of fetish images (we?re sure one or another of you possesses such collections) and try to think of your very own fantasies afterwards?
So what we have in mind is a concept of visualising (non-)fictional texts of any kind. They may be extreme or weird or both, but if they fit into our world and to our tastes nothing could stop us to work with them, to visualise them in any way possible.
Because this would be a project too big for a few people we thought that this would be a chance to bring enthusiastic and kinky people together, people, who share at least some of these thoughts and would be willing to share some of their own creativity. What we want to do should be something special and extravagant, something you and we have never seen before, to create something really unique! The whole should be greater than the sum of the parts, and the parts would be the people and their creativity we are looking for.
Allow us to define the attributes we want to find in interested future ?crew? members. Surely they have to be enthusiastic and creative, the process of creativity should be an enrichment for every partner who is involved in the realisation of a sub project. And something really important, every member should feel a certain desire to play an important part in this project. Not because of competition, rather because of seeing the best he or she is capable of coming to life. This includes the own wishes of the member, his or her imaginations, philosophies and ultimate fantasies.
You might think now, that this seems to be rather odd, but such a combined effort is already done when one part simply writes a story and the other part makes plain photographs. But you can surely see, that this concept is virtually unlimited, there are no constraints.
And here we come to another objective. Above all these philosophic ?tattle? (we?re sure some of you will think exactly this :-) ) such a website is for entertainment. We want to entertain you, dear visitor, and hope, by establishing this concept, that everybody will be able to find his proper ?corner?.
Of course, for the sake of further improvements we need your input. A simple way are the feedback and rating you can give for each entry.
Another thing will be a certain flexibility, to adjust the concept and in return to adjust the functionality of the website, too, to improve all of these things when there is need for improvement. This is tightly connected with being up-to-date. We just hate websites that pretend to be alive with a lot of members or profiles or whatever, but are de facto dying a slow death, because they just stagnate.

Furthermore here are the most important ambitions:
Becoming an empire!*
No democracy! At least not here!*

A last word:
If you are not deeply moved by any of our ambitions, then we don?t say ?Fuck off?, you?re still welcome! But you definitely belong to the ?others?? **

** :-)

? 12th February 2009 by Kerberos&Belkelel"
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» latexual wrote on March, 22th 2009 | 00:21
» LTXBAT wrote on March, 01th 2009 | 13:17
The kind of latex i like , Black, Heavy, Extreme, lots of gas-masks and tubes ,keep on the good work people,i just love it !!!
Just great.
» Buc wrote on February, 25th 2009 | 10:24
A unique and inspiring statement; forward thinking and one that I hope with support from the ?crew? will be successful. Well done thus far
» gummibrat wrote on February, 21th 2009 | 00:35
Fresh approach, Nice to see it's not just another vanity site, love the balance of fiction to visuals. I'd love to contribute sometime in the future. Best of luck
» Kerberos wrote on February, 18th 2009 | 16:09
We are happy that at least one of you had the heart to tell us something about his thoughts regarding our mission statement. It is extremely important for us to hear your opinions, to read your statements, your thoughts.
This comment part of this website may be used for little discussions, so if you have something to say, please, don't hesitate!
» kingzot wrote on February, 17th 2009 | 07:24
I would like to add the following:

I would like to congratulate you on the mission statement you wrote on your website! It's honourable you take the time to write this and it underlines the fact that your are serious in what you do.
It makes me appreciate your website even more! Your website has an extra dimension that can not be found on other plain websites.

I'm glad you share this mission with others!

I hope I can bring some ideas, scenarios or stories to further complete your website... I'll start to tickle my creativity and see where I go from there...
» kingzot wrote on February, 13th 2009 | 08:54
Great statement!
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