Vengance - Part II/III

Abandoned and ruined, though, the house still had some intact rooms that were comparably clean. The front was illuminated by the lights of their car.
?Go inside and start the generator for the lights, I?ll carry her to our playroom.?
,We have stopped. Are we there?? She heard the slam of the doors and felt a rush of cool and fresh air when the trunk was opened.
?Now, my dear, we are where we have to be! If you promise not to scream I?ll remove your gag now. You could scream, of course, but we are at the end of nowhere and nobody will hear you. If you scream, I?ll put this gag back into your mouth and only remove it to push my cock into this wet hole! Understand??
,Fuckin? pig! You?ll pay for this! If I ever have to swallow your dick I?ll bite it off!? Nevertheless she nodded, happy to be able to breathe again normally and to rest her aching jaw. With a ,plop? he removed the large gag from her mouth. With his strong hands he took her and put her over his shoulder.
,Hmm, have to take special care of him, he seems to be quite strong. He?ll be the first??
Inside he let her down to the floor, while her eyes tried to cope with the brightness of the spot lights that were illuminating the room.
The other guy came through the door of the room and closed it behind him.
?The fuel for the generator should last at least ?till dawn. And then we will still have enough time to play with her!? Both laughed and, still laughing, one of them placed a heavy wooden chair in the midst of the room. She was pulled to the chair by her collar and had to sit down.
?What shall we do with her now?? ?Hmm, perhaps we should bind her to the chair.?, the other one replied. ?Ok, I have some stuff here, let?s have a look!?
,My goodness, these guys are real newbies! They do not even now how to bind someone properly to a chair. Hmm, well, this is going to be an interesting night. If they continue in the same way I do not have to be afraid of anything!? She silently smiled to herself.
The two guys were doing their best to secure her to the chair. She could hear their grunting and quiet cursing. Finally they had finished their laborious work and stepped back to have a better look at her.
?Not bad! Now let?s see if this slut is able to handle a bit of torture!? They surrounded her and began to grope at her body, at her breast, her hips and legs. One even began to stroke her crotch.
,Actually, it is quite pleasurable! But they are both uncivil dolts, let us see how long they can endure to have me here on that chair, unreachable for them - at least in the way that they imagine in their simple minds.?
While one of them was still groping her, the other guy took something from the respectable heap of rubber and bondage gear. A thin sheet of latex. He showed it to his comrade and both began to grin again.
?Yeah, good idea. Take a deep breath, little whore! I don?t know, when you are going to get new air. Perhaps two minutes would be enough for the first time? But my friend here isn?t very good at counting and if he miscounts he always begins anew!? Both began to laugh loud and resounding. Still laughing they wrapped the sheet tightly around her head and held it fast behind it. At first she tried to concentrate and to relax, not to waste too much oxygen. But after some time she began to struggle slightly. Her countenance was running low in the same way as the air in her lungs got stale. She struggled more violently now, her bindings prevented any escape. Her body began to rock on the chair, she tried to pull her head out of this devilish confinement. Finally she was released and able to breathe again. Dizzy she shook her head.
?Wow, nearly three and a half minute! That was great! I would say this a new record - in fact the only one at this evening so far! I think you should try to excel it this time!? She hardly regained her strength and whole consciousness again when they wrapped the sheet again around her head. They held it again tightly behind her head but this time they both began to choke her with their strong hands. Of course, she wasn?t able to outperform herself, after a short time she began to struggle violently again, moaning and grunting loudly. But to no avail! Both of them didn?t let her head go, her lungs began to burn in her chest, she could already see stars in her personal darkness. The latex was sucked tightly to her face, a sight she always loved to see at her own slaves. But she never imagined to be in a situation she had to endure it by herself!
?Hey, come on, let her go! See, she isn?t moving that much anymore. Don?t want her unconscious!? With that they freed her head! Gasping she tried to get air into her lungs and slowly she recovered from this torture.
,Fuckin? cunts! But if there ever will be a next time I will be prepared! But even their low intelligence does not protect me against such methods. I have to take action on this situation if I want to survive this night!?
Meanwhile they unfastened her bindings. One of them held her arms in a tight grip while the other took a strange looking device from the heap of gear.
?Always wanted to try this thing, but never had an opportunity! See, slut, here we have a gas mask? - while he explained it to her he put the gas mask onto her head - ?and here we have three bottles that are filled with a fluid. In your case it is just water with some Chanel N?5, for your convenience!? She could hear them grinning. The bottles and the mask are connected with thin tubes. So you have to breath through the water! As you can imagine, we could exchange it with any other fluid in case you are not going to be well-behaved! Understand?? She nodded.
,At least no piss in the bottles like I use to do to my slaves! Chanel N?5!? She smiled under the gas mask as nobody was able to recognise her facial expression. She became a bit dizzy and light-headed, the concentration of the perfume was quite high. She giggled in her mask, realising that there was another ,smell? in the air she was breathing. Suddenly she felt really relaxed, the blood in her ears began to rush and she could hear her heart pounding in a decelerated fashion. Quite euphoric she wondered what her captors would still do to her, the night had just begun.
,So, this is how Poppers feels like! Never liked the smell when one of my customers wanted it, but here - wow! Nice trip!? Her legs gave in and strong hands lowered her to the ground. Amongst the noise in her ears she could hear the guys whisper. She felt their hands at her body, touching her everywhere. In her current state of mind she really enjoyed their stroking and touching. A bit absent she felt that one hand tried to open the zipper in her crotch, she could feel his erection in her back. She moaned quietly.
?Not now, friend! There will be enough time and we have plenty of even nicer stuff for her to smell and swallow! I tell you, she will beg for sucking you dry or getting fucked like the little whore she is!? To her frustration they stopped their activities. The effect of the poppers subsided quickly now.
,Oh fuck, they are real shit heads! They could have taken me and I would not have been bothered by it! And now I?m getting a fuckin? headache!? She grunted unwillingly when they removed the bottles from her back and the gas mask, too.
?Now, now, bitch! Don?t be unfriendly! Otherwise we are going to be unfriendly, too!?

to be continued?

? 2009 by Kerberos
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» latexpe wrote on July, 03th 2010 | 11:52
I love this serie........
» Buc wrote on March, 09th 2009 | 10:39
Good pis, very intresting breather bottles arrangment.
» gummibrat wrote on February, 21th 2009 | 00:24
Great story and exquisite photos, looking forward to rubberslut's further treatment and revenge?
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