Vengance - Part III/III

One of them went away to bring the items back to the gear heap.
,This is the opportunity! They won?t even see the doom before it is too late! Now or never??
Free of her bindings and other restricting gear she slowly rose onto her feet. Pretending to stagger the guy nearby grasped after her arm. In the blink of an eye she reached for his forehead with one hand and smashed her left foot forcefully into his belly. With a grunt he fell to the ground, desperately trying to catch any air. The other one tried to grab her from behind. Before he was able to close his arms in a tight grip around her body she turned around and instantly his chin collided ungently with her fist. Pain exploded in his head and without making any noise he just collapsed to the floor. Sighing she rubbed her aching hand and watched both ,masters? closely.
?Dumb asses! You aren?t worthy to dominate someone like me! You don?t even know who you are dealing with, but I will teach you! As you half-assed idiots told me, we are at the end of nowhere and nobody will hear your screams. And scream you will! Before the end you will cry and beg for your lives! Fuckin? cunts!?
With her heeled boots she kicked both relentlessly until they lay motionless on the ground, whimpering and groaning.
?If you want to survive this night you should obey my orders without any complaints! If I should hear any in the next time I?ll just beat you to death! You should believe me in this regard, because I?m intensely trained in martial arts, as you had to enjoy already!? She gave the trace of a grim smile. Giving both a short and efficient extra beating she turned around and had a closer look to the heap of all this fetish gear.
?Impressing collection, my pets! I think, I?ll try a lot of it before the sun rises! What do you think of this huge strap-on? Oh my goodness, it is really huge! What did you think you could fuck with it? A horse?? She laughed loud and heartily. ?This would split you in two! Typically men, who always think they know what a woman will like or not. I have a good mind to try this on you or force one of you to do this to his comrade and vice-versa! Hmm?? Her voice trailed off.
?But I?m not cruel, at least not in this way. I want to have my fun with you and I will have my way, as you managed to fail on such an easy task, having fun with a helpless woman! At first, these ones?? She pulled two gas masks from the heap, connecting long hoses at the air intakes. With efficient movements she pulled the masks over their heads, giving them a punch here and a kick there. After finishing this she took the two hoses into her hands and simply connected them. Immediately they both began to struggle, trying to get air into their lungs. They began to pull at their masks, but some kicks into their bellies ended this futile attempt. They began to beg, touching her lightly at her legs.
?This is it! I like men crawling at my feet! You want some air? I?m not sure that you already deserve any! Unfortunately humans need air to function, so I have to give you some. See this as a gratification for your endurance so far.? Gasping they sucked the air through the hoses as she disconnected them. She let them lay on the ground, recovering only a bit, otherwise she would have to beat them again. She knew she would have to be really vigilant otherwise they would overthrow her again and this time she would not get a second chance.
,But beat them I will!? With that thought she took a heavy rubber whip from the gear heap.
?Come on, pets! On your knees and elbows! And don?t think about rising higher than my knees, otherwise? Ah, I think, I don?t have to threaten you with your death the whole time, don?t you think?? Obediently they got to their knees and bent down onto their forearms.
?I will have a seat on your backs, if you don?t mind. Now put your head onto the floor, yes, that?s good. Your ass, a bit higher? Higher! Yes, good pets!?
With these words she began to beat their rubber clad asses with her whip. Elegantly and forcefully she let the whip dance on their bodies. They did not dare to move away from the strokes nor did they dare to make any noise that could be seen as a complaint. She smiled under her hood, these two tough guys under her complete control, again.
?I know, you had something else in mind tonight, but I told you the last time, you won?t have an easy time with me. You may arise to your knees! Come, kneel down at my feet! And I say this to you - condition red is now green!?
Both men immediately kneeled at her feet as had been ordered by her. For a moment everything was quiet, only the humming of the generator could be heard.
?Yes, my dear? You may speak freely!?
?We weren?t sure that we really are allowed to do the things we discussed the last time. I mean, to ,rape? you, even if it?s a game, this doesn?t seem to be right??
?I know, what you mean! But why don?t you trust me? Obviously you are too loyal to me, I honour that! But this implies that you both weren?t able to follow my orders completely! I will teach you again! Oh, my dear, don?t cry! I don?t want to see your tears flowing, at least not in situations like these. Tonight was your chance to have your way with me, your chance to have at least a small revenge for some of the cruel things I inflicted upon you.?
She patted their heads and her slaves seemed to calm down again.
?There will be a next time, I promise. Then I expect more of you, as usual! Tomorrow your new training will begin - how to close the gap between loyalty and obedience!?

? 2009 by Kerberos
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» paradiso wrote on June, 27th 2009 | 17:31
Great story and I loved the photos. Great photo shoot
» alpharalph wrote on June, 13th 2009 | 14:56
Excellent! So rubbery and erotic
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