The fictitious diary of B. and K. - Episode 2: Identities

When she opened the curtain a bit she could already see the twilight of the upcoming dawn at the horizon. She turned around and looked at the mess they both had produced during this night of sex in rubber and bondage. She grinned as she remembered again his reaction. Thinking, that she left the hotel room, leaving him helpless with a useless key for his handcuffs, he was desperately struggling to free his hands. She let him pull and push at his binding, but, with a result as expected, he wasn?t able to remove any of his bondage. She could hear his curses and then, to her surprise he began to cry quietly.
?Hush, my dear! I?m still here, don?t be afraid!? Again she could see that he got frightened, but calmed down quickly.
?I?m not done with you yet! You still don?t trust me completely, do you? I?m sorry, I didn?t want to scare you, I did not expect you to be that easily frightened!?

This certainly was a night to remember. He was lying on the bed, now without any bindings, fast asleep. He still wore his mask, not been able to recognise her and she, in return, knew now every detail of his body, except his face.
,So weird, the greatest sex I?ve ever had and don?t know anything about my lover of this night. I could try to remove his hood, but surely he will awake and we gave the promise to each other ?? She sighed silently, looking out of the window again. The sun was rising in the East, promising a beautiful new day. She would have to think about this night and it?s implications. She wasn?t sure if she should see him again, on the other hand, where should she find a man like him in reality, sharing her deepest desires with her. She was already dizzy because of her confusing thoughts and doubts. Determinedly she turned around, watching him a last time as he was lying there on the bed, a sexy rubber clad figure in the upcoming light of the morning. Again she felt this strange desire down there, but she had to go now. She went to the corridor of the hotel room, arranging her hair and makeup in the full length mirror. Just by chance she caught a glimpse of his coat in the mirror. Slowly she turned around, peering it. Her hand moved by itself, she acted like a wind-up doll. Her curiosity just overcame her, replacing every warning thought in her mind. She was on the best way to break the engagement they had made during their chats, never to abuse the helplessness of the other part. But she couldn?t help herself. Suddenly she held his wallet in her shaking hands, flicking through the content, acting like being in a dream.
,Money, Visa card, parking card, ID card?? She slowly turned back to the identity card.
,Oh my god it is he how is this possible how can he know this must be a nightmare but he feels so real so good for me?? With a howl she let the wallet fall to the ground, shaking at her whole body. She quickly opened the door and was gone. Her bracelet, that still lay in the bathroom, wasn?t an important factor in her mind at the moment, although she would miss it dearly?

The first thing he felt when he awoke was his aching body. She had occupied him the whole rest of the night, trying several severe bondages on him, letting him cum at her will and cumming herself at her will, too. He couldn?t hear her anymore and through the rubber lenses in his hood he was able to see the upcoming morning. He had to hurry now, otherwise the employees of the hotel would find him nevertheless.
After removing the rubber under the shower and stuffing the wet and messy gear into the plastic bags, he recognised the bracelet that was lying right under the mirror in the bath room. A beautiful piece of art, fine craftsmanship. Seemed to be hers, perhaps he would be able to return it to her during their next meeting. He smiled and went to the corridor to put the bracelet into his coat pocket.
He was thunderstruck! There, on the ground, his wallet lay. He knew exactly that it had to be in the inner pocket of his coat. Somebody took it from there. Somebody had a look at its content. She now knew who he was! He couldn?t believe it! There would have been a time when he had revealed his identity to her, but this wasn?t now! Disappointed he picked up his wallet, putting it back into his coat, as he did with the bracelet. Crestfallen he stuffed the remaining things into the travel bag and left the hotel.

Day after day he tried to contact her. But she wasn?t online at any time. At least his job was an acceptable distraction from his thoughts, that were constantly circling around her and the night they had spend together. Has she been frightened off by his real identity? Or is she scared because there IS a real identity behind all the rubber and sex, is she now aware that there could be more than just this? And to his horror he found a letter in his mail box this morning, a simple envelope that contained only one photography. A photography of that night with her, showing him in his rubber and bondage, cock exposed. So she did make photos of him! He was confused, didn?t know what to think.
He sighed, closed the button of his jacket and rang the bell at the door of his next appointment. Working as a sales representative for a big pharmaceutical company he had to visit many medical doctors, psychiatrists and other people of the medical sector to tell them about the new products, new therapies and negotiate contracts. He was very successful in his job why he now had the better customers, important directors of hospitals, well known medical doctors who solely treat private patients. The regular meetings with her, a psychiatrist with a very good reputation, was always a pleasure. A gorgeous woman, so at least she would be a bit of distraction for this evening, before he had to return into his lonely apartment, awaiting the response of his playmate.
The speaker at the door croaked.
?Come up, please!? With a loud hum the door was open and he went upstairs. She greeted him at the door to her treatment rooms and was stunning as ever. But something was different today. Something at her reminded him of?
The jewellery she was wearing! The necklace, the earrings, it was the same craftsmanship like the bracelet he had in his pocket.
,This cannot be! How can this be her? But, oh my god, then she knows me, she sent the photo! Countenance, my dear!? In his inner self he made leaps for a joy, not believing that he, just by chance, so unlikely, found her, here! Trained by his years of negotiating contracts he did not flinch, taking his seat in front of her impressive wooden desk. Without attracting attention he watched her as close as possible. And yes, there was a change in her behaviour, she seemed to be nervous, watching him sometimes, too.
,She does not know, that I know, that she knows my two identities!? He opened his brief case and handed her some of the newest advertising folders. Absently she ran over the pages of the handout, not reading anything of it. With a sigh she threw it onto the desk, looking directly into his eyes. Before she was able to speak, he took with a quick movement the bracelet out of his pocket and laid it onto the desk, right in front of her.
?I think, you forgot it at our last meeting!?
Flabbergasted, mouth open like an idiot, she looked at the bracelet.
?I thought, it is of great worth, this fine piece of art, one should not forget or lose it.?
?I missed it all that days, but I could not remember, where I had lost it. Where did you find it??, she quietly asked.
?I think, you know as well as I where I found it! You know, you broke the contract! You did something I wanted to do myself soon, reveal myself to you! Why did you do it??
?I was so curious, I couldn?t help myself. It was like a dream, suddenly I had your wallet in my hands and saw the picture on your ID card. I know, it was wrong, above all I asked for your trust during that night and I failed to trust you and our negotiation! Is it over now?? She began to cry softly.
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» kingzot wrote on March, 17th 2009 | 23:29
Like the story! For me it has a deeper thought, meaningfull
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