The visitor - Part II

'I wonder what he is going to do with me this time.' Desdemona thought as she was searching for her doll suit in the large wardrobe. The doll suit was one of her favourite outfits. Not only because it was a full-enclosure suit, with attached feet, gloves and hood, but also because it was made out of a thick latex, making it communicate sensations in more dispersing and somewhat desensitizing feeling. The fact it had no eye holes only made it even more isolating and restrictive. The only opening in the suit, save the zipper running form her neck to her buttock was for her mouth. This tiny hole, surrounded by a thick red rubber ring, enabled her first to breathe and second to serve the needs of her master?s cock ? adding further to her troubles, since it made it impossible, to do both at the same time. As the different extremities of her body were slipping into the suit, her fantasy went into overdrive. ?How about wearing my ballet heels? And why not add a small rebreather bag and sit on the front porch for a while??, she started pondering to herself? ?That would make me even hornier??
Fifteen minutes later, after carefully making her way through the house blind as she was, she was sitting in the sun, already starting to sweat heavily in her total rubber enclosure. She was encased in complete darkness, the only sound left, was the rhythmical pumping of her re-breather bladder and all odors, save the absolute consuming smell of rubber, had evaporated. After a few minutes had gone by, she started to caress herself but then suddenly stopped. ?Wait, my dear, the real fun will take place at the pool!?, she recalled her master?s voice whisper in the back of her head. Remembering his caresses and dreading his anger, she started to walk to the backyard of the mansion, which took her quite a while due to her blindness and her ballet-heels.
?It was about time, we were all waiting for you!?, she heard the stern tone of her master exclaim. ?Your new toy is waiting for you!?, he said, while it sounded like he was playing with another rubber doll. She timidly lay down near the pool and waited, to the continuing sounds of PeerGynt?s toying with the other doll. Desdemona could hear her feverous moans, as she herself lay there sealed and isolated. Not being able to stand this, she started gesturing blindly with her hands, while exclaiming jealously through her muffling mask:
?Hey, that doll was supposed to be my toy! Come here and take care of me!?, she went on in her impatient tone.
?Calm down, I am almost through with this slut. Behave and I will be with you in a minute, or else?? PeerGynt responded in a curt manner, his unfinished sentence making her silent immediately. Moments later she could hear her doll sister?s screams, overflowing with pleasure. The orgasmic screams were followed by a loud splashing noise and PeerGynt?s firm voice again:
?Okay, doll number two, why don?t you cool down for a while, a hard-earned bath for you. Perhaps there is even more liquid in your suit than there is in the pool.?, he laughed. Then he approached Desdemona.
?Okay, doll number one, what have you planned to get the privilege of having a lazy afternoon swim? You know what? Our new arrival truly knows how to make use of her mouth condom. I think we should have a contest to compare your talents, my dear.? Desdemona felt a stab of irritation, but obeyed as she felt PeerGynt securing a little lock in place at the zipper of her suit, while he removed the re-breather bag. She definitely did not want to end like the poor girl, being locked in her full rubber enclosure suit, for at least two days now. So as she felt the rubberised cock forced into her mouth, she focused on beating the female competition and attempted her deepest swallowing to please her master. Her attempts were rewarded by PeerGynt, pushing himself further into her mouth, stretching the tight hood even tighter, as his rubber cock disappeared down her throat over and over again. Just as her jaws were about to be unhinged and her gag-reflex kick in, she felt how her master began to come, in small quivering contractions.
?Wow, it is about time for all of us to cool down, I feel?, PeerGynt gasped, in a sated manner, after having delivered his load for the second time.
?Having two dolls to please you is most assuredly better than having only one - but three or four, might prove a bit too much! I?d better go to the post office tomorrow and cancel the upcoming deliveries??, he mused to himself with a smile on his face.'

? 2009 by PeerGynt
revised by Eppy Thatcher & Kerberos
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» Shin2k10 wrote on May, 17th 2011 | 14:04
Why don't you create one more story? This time, get desdemona to have the keys for her new rubberdoll, and have her unlock it. Then, get her to play with the 'doll for as long as she wants, or something like that. Awesome story! Thanks!
» rubberlover77 wrote on December, 19th 2010 | 08:44
this must be heaven...nothing more, nothing less!!!...
» Cagoule wrote on September, 22th 2009 | 17:50
very nice clothes .
Lovely models
» davetim2001 wrote on September, 08th 2009 | 10:15
Great rubbergear and nice friends!!
» Rubberist wrote on July, 20th 2009 | 12:15
Thanks so much for your imaginative and truly erotic text and images.
» james and Lizzie wrote on June, 23th 2009 | 07:13
These pictures are of the very best quality and give a super image to an imaginative story. thanks
» Xetalman wrote on April, 15th 2009 | 01:54
new Memeber, from belgium, French spoken...
Nice pictures :-)
nice storry..
» latexbua wrote on April, 11th 2009 | 11:30
einen kleinen teil gesehen. traum und wirklichkeit leben, was gibt es sch?es. frohe ostern.
gru?aus unterfranken latexbua
» Buc wrote on April, 11th 2009 | 01:09
As interesting as part 1. Lots of hot enclosure. Keep writing. Thanks.
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