Fetish Evolution Expo 2009: a personal report

After a very exhausting and long travel with the Deutsche Bahn, including the usual delay, we finally arrived in Essen at Friday, the 10th April. A taxi brought as straight to the ?Hotel Bredeney?. Here we were warmly welcomed by Hans, the owner of the famous SM-Factory. Many years we did not meet, so he, already very relaxed, and we had a nice first talk, making us feel arrived.
The hotel is one of the many congress hotels one can find everywhere in Germany, with the small difference, that this time the ?congress? was held for all the perverts of this world, who found the way to Essen. The whole complex was reserved for the fetish people and when we went to the reception, the lobby, the restaurant and the bar where already filled with many kinky people. The room we got was simple, but sufficient. After unpacking our large and heavy suit case, we went to the bar and, after a hard days work, bought our well deserved drinks, watching all the people, many already in fetish attire - mostly beautiful latex outfits.
The next day was going to be really really exciting for us. We were going to meet up with some internet acquaintances, very nice chat partners, we never saw before in real life, all from the Netherlands, and to see again one of our most beloved friends, we already shared some kinky times with during several occasions. First one, a young student of photography and cinematography. The second, a very young and ?virgin? couple, virgins concerning latex and the whole stuff. After our many talks through the internet they craved for their first experiences, but sadly being too young to simply walk into a Dutch fetish store or visit an appropriate party in the Netherlands. After a morning of heart throbbing, they finally arrived in the hotel. When the first awkwardness had waned we went to the expo.
Split into three floors, art bizarre, expo floor one with a small show stage and expo floor two. We slowly strolled through the expo rooms, giving our guests a first brief overlook. Impressing was surely the vacuum bed of Fantastic Rubber. When we arrived at their expo stand a young guy was entering the bed for a demonstration. Just by chance we recognised our second guest, the student, known to be a vacuum bed maniac, but he clearly was much too excited to recognise anything around him. He even looked directly into our eyes, but obviously his sight was blurred. Perhaps the girl in the red skin-tight latex catsuit, who was sitting on his vacuumed body and ?torturing? him with a vibrating crop, was responsible for his state of mind. Or perhaps he just had to ?focus? - I know, you, who was in the bed, will read and understand! :-P
But another vacuum bed has to be mentioned here, too, a bed, I recalled at home when I sorted the photographs I made during this weekend. Unlike most vendors, ?Sensual latex design? uses a rigid stainless steel frame. They claim, that they can maintain their vacuum up to 30 minutes without using a vacuum source. Definitely worth to be remembered for a potential buy in the future.
Our young couple did not dare to try the bed, but we are going to change that in the near future. We rather entered the Rubber?s finest stand and examined the beautiful masks very closely. They both decided already at home that they were going to buy masks, too, so here they had a very good opportunity to try them on. I ordered for myself a mask, too, the so called ?face?. This is a heavy latex mask consisting of two parts, a base mask and a facial part with a large gag and no openings except for the nose. Very versatile and really good looking. I?m very excited when I will get my very own mask! After it I also had to try a heavy rubber helmet, five millimetres of black rubber, nose holes only, strapped to my head. Very restricting, but very comfy at the same. Belkelel loved the sight of me in this helmet really much, so perhaps I can hope to wear it in the future, again! :-)
Finished with the masks we went to the next floor, looking through the other exhibitors. Belkelel stopped at SM-Factory and finally, after many years of waiting, she let Hans take the measurements for a Heaven?s Hell collar! I?m going to be very happy when I close the collar for the first time at her neck! Last stand for the first stroll was the large DeMask booth. Here we finally met our second guest of this day. He just recognised me because of my new camera, the recent Canon EOS 5D Mark II. It was amazing to meet this guy in person, too, having a lot of fun. After an exhausting expo day, our young photographer and friend had to leave, but our plans for the next meeting are quite fixed now. So, for this time our young kinky couple was able to stay a bit longer for a dinner in the hotel restaurant. PeerGynt and Lady Desdemona, you already saw them on several images in our galleries, joined us. They were in Essen to ?work? for the zentai label ?Fets Fash? as a sexy advertisement. Our young couple (?Rubber-Lifestyle? at DeviantArt - at the moment) and the rest of us had a relaxing evening in the restaurant, but one thing remained in the pipeline. We talked about it previously during our chats, that the male part of our young couple should try a heavy latex outfit for the first time in his life - with a surprising element! So, after the dinner we had the time and they dared to try it. In our hotel room I put him into a straight jacket, additionally secured his arms with a lot of rubber straps and finally - the mask. A rubber mask, he was not allowed to see at first. I laced it onto his head, his girlfriend and me smiling broadly. We took him by his straps and forced him into the corridor, placing him in front of a large mirror. His last possibility for decision was here, allowed to see that he was wearing this ridiculous doll face mask. But as you can see on the pictures, we brought him down to the restaurant. He had some really interesting time at the table, but this time it had to be rather short, sadly. During the next opportunity we definitely won?t set him free so easily again. So our newly made friends had to leave soon, too. With PeerGynt and Lady Desdemona we took several drinks in the lobby, watching the various people who were going to go to the pre-party. Some really nice outfits could be seen already, but somehow this day was really exhausting, so that we went to our rooms, soon.
All in all this was a really great day, meeting up with some ?unknown? people and liking them instantly, was a lovely experience and a day worth to remember. Thank you very much for coming to Essen! You know, who you are and we promise that this won?t be our last meeting! :-)
The next day was much more relaxing and again we took a stroll through the expo. This time a bit more carefully, looking for some small items for play. Belkelel finally found some gleaming handcuffs, special cuffs, so to say. Produced by a manufacturer in Pakistan, they were reproduced after the Irish 8. When fitting properly and tight (as they do :-)), no movement of the arms is possible, even with the key in the hand it would be nearly impossible to escape from these cuffs. Then, during walking with the camera through the hotel, I ran into a hot couple, making advertisement for the German label Blackstyle. As you can see on the pictures, he was wearing a very interesting dog mask, so I had to take some snapshots! I really like this sight. And it only was a matter of time that I had to try this one by myself. You see, I?m sort of a mask maniac!
During the afternoon we did a profane walk to the famous ?Villa Huegel? (Villa Hill), the ancestral seat of the Krupp family. Today the villa, more a palace than a mere villa, is a museum, surrounded by a large well-tended park. Definitely worth a visit, but in our hubris we did the whole way by foot, nearly ten kilometres there and back again.
So, after the end of the expo, we again met up with our friends for dinner and made the final decision for the evening. We all were really tired, our feet were burning, so we decided to not to go to the ball. Ridiculous, you might think, but the day before with all its events was our most important and most longed-for day at this special weekend. So we already were more than satisfied. We decided then to spend the rest of the evening again in the lobby with adequate drinks. And this evening was a jaw breaker, seeing all these hot people in their hot fetish outfits. We were more than pleased!
So, for our part this weekend was more than successful, most satisfying! All in all a good weekend. A small downer was the high pricing in the hotel. Even the most simple drinks and dishes were really expensive, but it was a thing we did expect. We think, the employees of the hotel will not have to work for the next few months! ;-)
In conclusio, even if we did not visit any of the parties, we think, this is a weekend worth to remember! Rather searching for painted eggs in the garden I would in fact search for the ?Easter eggs? at such an expo and I think, we did find some, human Easter eggs as well as fetish ones. Perhaps the next time we will talk with some of you, too, our most valued readers!
Good night and good luck!

P.S.: As usual, we would be happy about reading your comments! :-)

? 2009 Kerberos
Editing of the photographs: Max
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» rubberlover wrote on August, 22th 2009 | 14:28
absolute fantastic.

» Boris wrote on June, 21th 2009 | 13:13
We may have met without knowing eachother there, how pitiful...
» Kerberos wrote on April, 26th 2009 | 22:46
Thank you very much for your comment! Hopefully this will inspire one of our dear readers.
Regarding the party - yes, it's a shame, but we definitely where more than satisfied with all the stuff around us, so we just didn't need any party this time. Berlin is always a bit more impersonal, because hotel and expo at the same place - a big advantage!
» hiro wrote on April, 26th 2009 | 12:06
greetings. in a couple of weeks there will be the german fetish fair in Berlin. years ago we're curios about the fact, that two fetish-related Weekends with Expo and Partys are timed at christian holiday - strange ?

It's a pleasure to see the pictures you've made at the expo - but it's a pity that you've no information about the Play-Party. I know the main-problem was the party-date-shift to monday so i like to ask the reader about theyr party-experience ?
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