Deadly pool games - Part II

Laura really had a good time at the bottom of her pool. After having several orgasms, she decided to take a break and laid down on the ground looking the the surface and counting the bubbles leaving the pressure-valve of her helmet.

All of a sudden she saw two black feet hanging in the water of the pool. She was well trained in martial arts and her first thought was to grab the feet, pull the person in the pool and perform some personal water-boarding tasks before asking him, what the hell he is doing here. But then she made her mind up.

?Can?t be ? there is so much security around the house! No hostile intruder could ever come in here. Okay Laura, let?s find out.?
She surfaced and approached the person sitting at the rim of the pool. What she saw made her shiver: a strong man completely encased in tight black rubber ? exactly what she had dreamt of at the bottom of the pool.

?Hello, my dear!?, Laura said. ?What is the purpose of your visit?? Her voice sounded vivid, despite the thick diving helmet she was wearing. The black person did not answer but showed the pair of blow-up rubber gloves to her.

Laura became even more aroused.
?My company really knows how to take care of its employees. Only very few people know about my little secret.?
When having sex with a man, being helplessly handcuffed would make her completely go crazy.
?Are you my personal toy boy send from the company??, she asked the rubberised man and he nodded.
Laura got even more excited, what the visitor concluded, when hearing the rhythm of her regulator noises became faster.

When seeing his erected rubber cock, she wanted to lick it, but the visor of her helmet prevented her from doing so.
?So let me check the delivery!?, Laura said, bouncing her acrylic window against the cock of her toy.

?Okay, this certainly looks promising. Help me to put on the gloves and pump them up!?, she commanded, almost loosing control. The guy did what he was asked for.

?Quick, remove that silly dildo out of my crotch!? - was the next order and the visitor obeyed again.

?Now come on into the pool, I want to feel you in me! And do not say a single word!? This was the first time the guy disobeyed. Laura hesitated and swam back to him. When she reached the rim of the pool all of a sudden the guy closed the valve of her air tank in a quick move. Being instantly unable to breath in her helmet, Laura became even more aroused.

?Wow, you are worth your money! Breath play is one of my favourite sports?, she thought with delight. The guy could see her face gasping for air in the deadly vacuum of her helmet. Her gloves made it impossible for her to open her helmet, reopen the valve or disconnect the air hoses. It took less then two minutes that the first orgasm overcame Laura. Her rubber toy quickly opened her tank and cool and fresh air flowed into the girls lungs.

And then - unexpectedly - the man began to speak. Laura was horrified. He had a strong Russian accent and she had heard the voice before. He was one of the spies she had to fight against in her last job.

?Do you really think, I will let you die this fast? I have lost much money and even more reputation because of you. How long have you been in the water before I came? Or, in other words: How much air is left in your tank??, he asked when sitting down near the pool.

Poor Laura looked at her air gauge.
?Oops, less than 70 bar, that will not last longer then 20 minutes. 20 minutes to die or?? Laura nervously considered her options.

Getting out of the pool would make no sense. She could not take her fins of and therefore it would be an easy game for her enemy to throw her back in.
?I cannot disconnect the air hoses without using my hands, but maybe I can break it off.? She put one of her feet near her head trying to reach her inbound breathing hose. Then she wrenched at it strongly, but the rubber hoses were to durable.

?Okay, time is running short. Calm down Laura, what else can we do? Smash the visor of the helmet. Yeah, that should work.?
She quickly swam to the rim of the pool and smashed her helmet with all the power she had left against the stone.
?Come on, dear!?, the stranger said. ?This helmet withstands pressures up to 600 feet. No way to smash it.?, he said looking at her final mortal agony.

Laura looked at her air supply again. Her efforts to survive had made her consume much air.

?Listen, I have got air left for approximately five minutes. It is common practice, that a last wish is granted!?, Laura said calmly.

?Don't ask for something to eat or drink, little slut.?

?No, I surrender and I want to have sex with you. Having sex with a man like you is my last wish.?

?Last wish is granted. You really are a professional, it is a pity that you are going to die!?, the rubberised spy said, when he was entering the pool and giving his cock a warm up.

To be continued?

? PeerGynt
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» bcostco619 wrote on June, 23th 2009 | 15:57
Great picture love the detail......
» LTXBAT wrote on June, 11th 2009 | 09:14
Great pool fun,wish i was there!
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