Beelitz Heilstaetten Teaser

At the beginning of the 20th century in the deepest heart of Brandenburg in Germany a huge hospital area has been founded - Beelitz Heilstaetten!
Today many of these old ?Jugendstil? buildings are abandoned, empty and filled with rubble. Nevertheless, it is an awesome location for doing photo or video shootings, a scary atmosphere, one seems to be able to hear the screams of the sick and moribund?

We have had some great, creative and more than satisfying days there with a very talented young photographer and some good friends, getting all out of this place that is worth to be mentioned - for this time! So you will see in the next weeks and months much of the things we have done there ? scary things ? brutal things ? romantic things ?

For now we have a small behind-the-scenes video for you to get a glimpse of the upcoming postings. The editing of all the stuff will take some time, but in between we are finally going to finish the ?Deadly pool games?!

Have fun,
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» MorticiaLatex wrote on November, 29th 2009 | 00:10
You lead a lifestyle that some can only dream of. Fantastic - like an erotic fairy tale!
» Rubberist wrote on July, 20th 2009 | 12:26
For those of us who know the shere adrenalin of being dressed like this with like minded people these images are electric- look forward to the video
» paradiso wrote on July, 17th 2009 | 23:24
Hi Guys
A real big thank you for the photos and the details about all the forthcoming updates. I really look forward to seeing them. I really loved the photos as usual and 'am definitely envious of all the models!!!
Take care and I wish I was there to witness the photo sessions

Take care
PS. Is the video up and running as the link doesnt seem to work?
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