Deadly pool games - Part III

Laura had remembered that not only she was a professional, but her equipment was, too. A protective device against sharks was integrated in her jacket. A small projectile filled with pressurised air. Once in the body of a shark, it would release the air quickly and the shark would explode. At least, that was the theory.

Laura laid down in a less deep area of the pool and her hostile toyboy laid down on her.

?You have to open my catsuit, stupid! I can?t!?, she hissed in the direction of her presumably last lover.

When he penetrated her, she came quickly and well before he had his pleasure. When he wanted to continue, she said: ?Go away! So long and thanks for all the fish!? In this very moment she activated the shark gun by pressing her nose on a little button in her helmet.

Her Russian visitor felt a stitching pain, but to the surprise of Laura nothing of the expected happened.

?Bitch! I fulfil your last wish and you are trying to cheat me. Enjoy your last minutes on earth!?, he said when leaving the pool in disgrace. He sat down again and was looking forward to watch Lauras agony.

Thirty seconds later a popping noise was disturbing the silence at the pool. The rubber skin of the Russian killer began to swell. He screamed loud and began to dither. He stood up and looked like a balloon walking towards the pool to find some relief.
But it was too late! It took only seconds and he was drifting in the pool without showing any further sign of life.

?This was your private lesson about fairness!? Laura floated on the surface looking into the sun waiting for her death. She had no chances and she had realised it.

?Funny enough, I have won every battle against men, when the job demanded it, but lust was causing my death. Maybe the battle was not worth it at all.?

Within the next one or two minutes she would experience the deadly vacuum in her rubber helmet again.
?Good to know, there is still one more orgasm to come!?, she thought with a smile in her face.
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» MorticiaLatex wrote on November, 29th 2009 | 00:14
Story is a little on the dark side for me, but photos are fabulous!
» rbrbill wrote on July, 28th 2009 | 01:17
Excellent twist on the story but our heroine is still on the verge of suffocation in her sealed world. The autoerotic experience will be amazing but I want her to survive for further feats of daring do in heavy rubber!
» gumminut wrote on July, 27th 2009 | 15:55
Awseome i hate that word but I cant think of anything else!!
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