Experiments in masturbation - Part III

*argh* Complete failure! Almost ridiculous, she still has to learn to endure certain things! But I will not complain, a win-win situation for me, so to say! :-)
Either way I am going to have my fun, punishment or not. At the moment everything indicates the need for punishment, though? *smile*

P.S.: Please bear with me, but this time video shooting was a bit harder. I was using a Lensbaby 2.0 as the lens for the camera, perhaps one or another of you know how hard focusing with it is! :-) So this time, more blurry or let?s call it - artistic!
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» latextex wrote on January, 30th 2010 | 04:23
I love latex and I love rebreathing and I love women masturbating, so I love this video. However a black latex hood would help, and a hose would prevent the bag from collapsing and allow her to breath longer. If she could fill the 5 ltr bag she could breath till she cums. Please try again. Thank you.
» Andy wrote on January, 21th 2010 | 08:09
I'm a fan of this lady, for sure!!!
Pretty cool
» latexual wrote on December, 31th 2009 | 20:23
» latexgummi wrote on September, 26th 2009 | 12:46
einfach nur g e i l
» duiker wrote on August, 25th 2009 | 19:47
A very good and sexy clip
» Chrissiebee wrote on August, 21th 2009 | 19:37
I loved this, I hope one day to be in a similar situation xXx
» Kerberos wrote on August, 11th 2009 | 09:22
Thank you so much for all that feedback so far! A promising development! :-)
@Buc: It is really short, indeed! Normally you would have several minutes, but to her defence I have to say the wrap did not work out very well. It wasn't airtight enough and much of the rebreathed air simply got lost. But we are learning! :-P
» August, 09th 2009 | 16:52
great clip and lovely model ;) indeed think, that much better can work with aenestetic mask or even gasmask - weared over the rubber hood of course :) 2 layers are better than one ;) and opposite to Buc - think, that for longer breath controll periods u will come with small steps - that's much better than one too big step ;)
Lovely lovely lovely , thanx for it :)
» Buc wrote on August, 08th 2009 | 14:51
Excellent; But I agree with shinydelight. Total air tight covering to her head was neccessary for this ; but mabye a black latex hood over the wrap would have better completed the superb image. Her breath controll was surprisingly short. I know O2 is used up fast when excited. Perhaps a little more training would help?
» bobmer wrote on August, 03th 2009 | 11:40
Oooohhhh...... looking at this is a feast for the eye
» Kerberos wrote on July, 31th 2009 | 09:14
@shinydelight: Thank you for constructive critique! :-P Perhaps the wrap wasn't a good idea. We used it to prevent air leakage and to force breathing through the mouth gag only. But we promise to do better next time! :-)

@respirare & all of you who experience problems with the video - a problem we still try to solve - should think of using an alternative browser like Firefox or Safari in the meantime.
» respirare wrote on July, 29th 2009 | 20:05
Hi. Simply fantastic site! Wonderful philosophy! Only catch, the vids disappear once I log in. Suggestions? Thanks.
» shinydelight wrote on July, 27th 2009 | 18:43
I do not find the focus to be disturbing. To me, the saran wrap is more annoying. Having your girl dressed up in such a perfectly shined and fitted catsuit only black latex should do. Hopefully you´ll consider a blowup hood or a latex mask with the option of playing breath games with it (like only a small mouth opening or fitted tube). Further more, extremely enjoyable. Thank you!
» sjcosh wrote on July, 21th 2009 | 06:39
WOW, fantastic
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