Little black riding hood

Once upon a time there lived in a certain village a little country girl, the prettiest creature who was ever seen. Her mother was excessively fond of her and her grandmother doted on her still more.
But what they did not know, our girl wasn?t the average country girl that they or you all might expect. She was a sexy little thing with a certain preference for tight and shiny rubber. As often as she had to go into the woods, collecting fruits or herbs, in secret she put on some of her black, slick latex and covered it with her normal clothes. Once in the woods she removed her clothes, put them in an old shack and finally pulled her black latex hood over her head.
She always smiled and remembered that old fairy tale of the little red riding hood. ?I?m the little black riding hood!? She always giggled about this thought.
Every day she had her duties in the woods, collecting the things, and so she always was able to wear her rubber. Every day she went further and further into the forest, trying to find the best available herbs and fruits.
So one day the inevitable happened. Enjoying the hugging of the black and tight rubber skin she was wearing she completely forgot about her way and her surroundings. When her mind stopped wandering around and she tried to identify the place, she suddenly realised that she was lost!
Some moments ago she went on a broad, sunny way and now she found herself right in the dark, old part of the forest she had never dared to go to until this day.

He watched her! A creep, like he was, always lurking behind the trees, watching her intensely while she was taking her strolls through the forest, not suspecting any evil. He always saw her changing her clothes in that old shabby shack, always sniffed at her belongings after she left for the duties in woods. He desperately longed for her, more and more each day he saw her, in her sexy rubber outfit, unknowingly showing off her body features, hiding nothing.
Today something was different. Obviously deeply lost in thought she completely went astray, into the darker and older parts of the forest that were his very own dominion.
What a luck! Today he would have his way with her and nobody would stop him this time.

It was silent! Completely silent! Slowly our little black riding hood became afraid. Nothing could be heard, not a bird, not even a cricket or a mosquito. Only the rustling of the treetops filled the air. And these crackling noises now and then. But she couldn?t see anybody around her. She was completely lost and did not know what to do.

Apart from the rustling of the dead leaves on the ground he made no noise. Silently he sneaked up on her, having his tools of the trade ready. A dry branch! Damn! But to no avail! It was too late for her! Before she even was able to react he grabbed her on her neck, pressing tightly with his strong hands. With an elegant move he flung a thin sheet of black shiny latex around her head, grabbing the corners behind her, suffocating her effectively. After a hard but very short struggle the consciousness left her body.
What a pity, this sheet around her head fits so very well to her outfit, but it has to be removed. The creep quietly sighed. And the struggle was too short, too. She needs training, a lot of training.
Before his daydream became overwhelming he upbraided himself and did the necessary steps before he would have the fun he always craved for.

At first he put her arms into the sleeves of a tight rubber straight jacket, pulling it around her body and closing it behind her back. He then pulled the arms into position, fixating them at the correct place. Not satisfied with the achieved security he put a second heavy rubber item on top, an armless bondage body, made of rubber, too. He had a hard time, pulling the even tighter thing over the already secured arms. But finally he managed it.

Now he would leave her for the night, really helpless in the midst of the darkening woods, surrounded only by the already starting noises of the night creeps, that hid from the daylight in these parts of the forest. And tomorrow, yes, tomorrow her training would start. The creep fondled the latex sheet he had used before, holding it before his face, sniffing for her scent, still conserved in the rubber. He silently vanished into the night.

Photographs and editing by Samauth
Story by Kerberos
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» rubberlover77 wrote on December, 19th 2010 | 08:04
i´m speechless....and horny now, for real!!!!
» morkaii wrote on October, 08th 2009 | 14:40
Great story and photos!
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