Experiments in masturbation - Part IV

Not bad this time! As somebody of you suggested she was allowed to use only one hand for her pleasure and the other was her chance to play with her breathing completely on her own. After some ?pre-heating? she was more than ready to finish herself off. She even was able to go a bit beyond the limits she normally has.
I guess, it?s a good start and it is giving me some reasons for hope that she will be able to go through her last trial in the next and last video of this series. Lately we trained a bit apnoea by will. She still isn?t really used to the fact that the human body has much oxygen in its cells and that there is a big difference between the urge to breathe and the REAL need of fresh oxygen. But we are going to solve this puzzle! :-)

P.S.: This time we tried overexposing the video. As you can see, it it shows and hides the important things at the same moment. :-D
Of course, for the last video we are not going to use every technique we have tried so far! Would be a bit too much experimental, perhaps?
Hmm, but if there are enough of you who advocate the use of overexposure AND blurriness for the next part, just tell us. We will consider it! :-P
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» blackfox wrote on September, 29th 2010 | 11:48
It`s very horny and authentic - thanks for such amazing breathplay video!
» Andy wrote on January, 21th 2010 | 07:19
Just marvelous!!!!! I'm realy highly fascinated!!!! FANTASTIC!!!!!
Pretty cool
» latexual wrote on December, 31th 2009 | 20:33
Wonderful bit of erotica! I don't love the overexposure though. I like to see her pleasure parts! Thanks for a great piece!!!
» Boris wrote on December, 03th 2009 | 11:16
As a comment to the comment, would you consider using a fine transparent sheet instead of the already very efficient black one ?

Anyway, one of the hottest contributions I have seen on this fascinating BC subject.

Carry on with your magnificent creations

» rubmike wrote on November, 25th 2009 | 17:49
That was hot, to see the intense orgasm, she realy is a rubber lover
» latexmode wrote on November, 01th 2009 | 14:14
just great to see the pleasure!!
» Kerberos wrote on October, 27th 2009 | 07:33
So, now it's time to comment the comments!

@All: Thank you very much for the compliments, it seems you all like such clips very much. Most likely videos will have a bigger part during the content creation for future posts. :-)

Yes, of course, but we aren't always able to buy everything we would like to buy. Such a suit would be quite special, because there are some implications one has to consider before. No sex, no toilet? :-P

We are already thinking about such an option. But, HD-videos increase the traffic and disk space in a near-exponential way?

Thank you very much for your thoughts! But it's not always a "fight or flight" reaction. You see on that video, Belkelel did this to herself, she did not wanted to flight or fight against it, she just wanted to enjoy it. I think, there are some interesting abysses in her inner self! :-)

I think, these boots seem to be quite common at the moment, one trademark from Asia, sold in nearly every store in Europe. It's from Devious®, we bought it at crazy-heels.de. Not the best quality, but we wanted to try some?
» morkaii wrote on October, 26th 2009 | 20:57
Great vid and photos! The way you see the contours of the face under the thin latex as she inhales is... well its just SO sexy!

Where are the ballet boots from?
» Reiter wrote on October, 23th 2009 | 21:03
I had played with a woman before who could not have an orgasm unless being choked or asphyxiated. I had pondered on it, and my theory is that the "fight or flight" effect one has when being deprived of oxygen greatly heightens all senses.

This being said, the only thing that is being sensually felt (pressure is felt on the body no matter the material) is the sexual feedback. This, I believe, would increase the intensity of the orgasm.

» gummitaucher wrote on October, 18th 2009 | 10:24
Execellent !

and now with both of the hands tied ?

keep up the good work

» RUB wrote on October, 14th 2009 | 00:35
Love the clip, I agree on the amount of air in the cells. She looks fantastic in the catsuit, nice figure, nice sound, im not sure I would change anything. Thanks Rub
» zoo1 wrote on October, 06th 2009 | 15:06
One of the most erotic pieces of film I have seen - thank you.
I can't wait to show my partner as I know she will appriciate it.
» shinydelight wrote on October, 04th 2009 | 11:39
Extremely arousing. No critique but the video size. Would love to see such videos in HD...

Thank you very much for allowing us to see your fantastic work!
Pretty cool
» bobmer wrote on October, 03th 2009 | 23:41
Very nice concept, and well done! Did you ever consider to use a neckentry catsuit without any zipper. Made of thin 0,2mm latex, one can easily reach their private parts. If you like that idea ask for my URL
» toxic wrote on October, 03th 2009 | 00:55
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I new humem in latex culture, no I it's wery lowi'n latex... I find friend's to internet, when love latex culture and other's... WERY GOOD SITE!!!
» Buc wrote on October, 02th 2009 | 11:12
Wonderful, she is really getting much greater control. I am inspired; I hope my own dear sub will , with very carefull training, develop such skills. Looking forward to the final part of this experiment
» Chrissiebee wrote on October, 01th 2009 | 23:41
Oh my God! This is incredible! I am masturbating along with her, I can only begin to imagine how she must feel!
» Boris wrote on September, 28th 2009 | 17:04
Unglaublich, der Mega-Hammer !!!!
» sjcosh wrote on September, 28th 2009 | 05:01
Bloody fantastic, keep up the excellent work.
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