Thoughts about abduction or Why we love to play...

When it comes to the word "abduction", what are your thoughts? Is it primarily a criminal case for you or do you have other thoughts, darker ones? Do such thoughts establish an undefined excitement in your head or between your legs? I mean, the excitement between ones legs are well-defined, but that?s another story.
The strange thing with people like us is, sometimes social taboos are a most welcome and exciting basis for extravagant games. I suppose, not everybody of you is excited by the thought of being abducted or being the abductor, perhaps even just a small part. I will try to develop my very own thoughts on this subject.

Why would somebody want to abduct somebody or want to be abducted? At the first glance it?s all about power exchange. The submissive is being captured in a surprising way, at unexpected occasions. The setting itself allows more mental freedom, because the situation itself is much more violent than a ?normal? session in the bedroom or somewhere else. The abduction itself is to some extend non-consensual, even if the game had been prepared and discussed beforehand. This non-consentaneity will make the game much more exciting than one would anticipate. When the act of abduction is finished, the victim put into the trunk of a car or helplessly bound and gagged in the van, then the normal, consensual play could begin. But here is some uncertainty for the victim. He or she can?t be 100% sure, that he isn?t the victim of a real villain. Certainly, really unlikely, but nevertheless possible. I would say, this can be seen as an additional thrill.

I sometimes think of such scenarios, when looking at ?potential? victims on the street and the mood strikes me. Nevertheless I never had the chance to try it, neither as abductor nor as victim. But I?m thinking how such scenario could be accomplished, without getting caught by the authorities and having a hard time to explain that this is just a game. And would this abduction appear as reality for the victim (speaking from the abductor?s perspective)?

As abductor one could delay the solution whether this is a real abduction or not, which could be further enhanced with instruments like disguised voices or sensory deprivation. Perhaps another instrument could be the safe words one would discuss beforehand. The to-be abductor could agree a new safe word with his to-be victim, different from the one they would normally use during their games. During an abduction scenario the victim would desperately try to use the agreed safe word, but the abductor would only accept the other, final ?stop? they normally used to use. Such behavior would simply increase the fear and the non-consensual character of the game.

Undeniably a setting with as many non-consensual parts as possible would be the most satisfying, at least in my opinion. Probably this statement could be misunderstood, but surely one HAD to operate within the limits of the (discussed) fantasy. As a consequence the setting would then always be ?consensual?, but for the victim it should appear to be reality. It sounds a bit odd and schizophrenic, but for me this would add the necessary je ne sais quoi. Why should one plan and execute such elaborate and complex setting if the victim will instantly know what it going to be happen?

Of course, it?s not all about writing, some photos are attached, too. We did these many years ago and some time ago they inspired me to rethink this whole thing. I think, they really have the character of an abduction and as you can see, apart from the sometimes severe bondages, the abductor loves her victim. Here it was a completely consensual setting and I remember it as a hard but at the same time comfortable situation. My mind was free?

Technical: Taken with a Canon 500N film camera, scanned with a professional film scanner and edited by our dear friend Samauth.

If you feel, you could add something to my quite raw thoughts, be welcome! I'm not really used to writing about such things in a non-story way, so please bear with me?
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» gumminut wrote on February, 24th 2010 | 16:51
I wish to be taken like this and to be left wondering when and if the abductor will come back
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