Today neither story nor photo series, at least not on our website. As you could imagine, we are not only doing photos and sessions for the website or for a story, but also just for fun. :-)
So we want to give you a further possibility to look at the other awe-inspiring pieces of our work! Perhaps some of you already went to our short link list, finding our accounts at deviantArt. In the future we are going to use them more intense to show pictures that are beyond the scope of our own website. Of course, we will inform you here when there is something new to see.

Be hereby informed! There is something new to see at Rubberphilosophy@deviantArt, a series of 14 photos, called ?Plaything?.



Another thing: Perhaps some of you have noticed that during the last time the updates didn?t appear that often and regular as in the past. The usual personal lack of time due to work and such. On this occasion we are able to announce further updates that will happen around the turn of this year 2009.
We are really happy having rent a special kind of house, a mansion with completely equipped playroom in the basement. If you want to see some pictures just have a look at this website www.die-jugendstilvilla.de/fotos.html - unfortunately in German only. At least the photos will tell you a bit about the house and possibilities! :-)
Of course we have some interesting plans for the time we are there, including several shootings and videos. For your convenience we will try to do some sort of ?live blogging?, giving you a short insight. So perhaps, one or another of you will be watching while celebrating the turn of the year and New Year!

Finally - we wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year! May rubber wrap you tightly and leave one or another breathless! :-P
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» latexual wrote on December, 31th 2009 | 20:35
This outfit, with the sheaths and the doll hood, is so fargin' HOT!!! I would LOVE to see a three-dildo masturbation scene video where she, in her exquisite beauty, is in the suit using all of the sheaths at once, and cumming! Anyone else feel that way too?
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