New Year's Eve

We?ve arrived in our home for the next three nights, the Jugendstilvilla. After we have fired the oven with some wood, lit all available candles, put some nice quiet piano music into the player we have made ourselves some tea and had the obligatory ?Berliner?. Now planning the further evening?

Finished planning! :-)
First thing will be a shooting in the luxury smoking-lounge on the beautiful Chesterfield sofa. And once in the outfit we will enjoy the further New Year?s Eve, playing Monopoly, eating some canape and drinking red wine.

Finished our first photo shoot! Phew, very hard work for the end of the year! :-P
Belkelel wanted to see herself in her new dress and we took the opportunity to take our first cigar smoking pictures. Even a little movie we were able capture. Now we are hungry and the Monopoly is waiting. So, we wish you all a very good start into the New Year, take care during the next hours and you?ll read us next year! :-)
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» Andy wrote on January, 21th 2010 | 07:07
Fantastic women in a cute situation! How could you smoke a cigar??? Brrrrr.... ;-)
Otherwise magnificent looking in latex!!!!
» Peergynt wrote on January, 02th 2010 | 23:27
Sounds good. Hope you enjoyed your stay. Lookin' forward to do some weird things in 2010 together.. next holidays are coming.
» Samauth wrote on January, 01th 2010 | 11:56
I wish you a nice 2010 and a nice stay in the villa!
Hopefully the champagne have tasted well. :)
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